What If Challenges Are Just The Universe Trying To Help?

We kicked off the latest round of Master Your Energy To Change Your Life this week, and one of the big themes that came up was the ways the Universe likes to ‘help’.

Meaning, have you ever noticed that when you want to make a change, up level or improve something, random road blocks seem to come out of no where?

Maybe it’s a pricing or commission discussion, or some other part of your business that needs some attention. And the moment you decide it’s time for a change, things begin to escalate.

When things like that happen, it’s easy to think thoughts like – Maybe I don’t have what it takes. Maybe now isn’t the time. It isn’t meant to be. The rationalizations can be endless.

But what if those road blocks aren’t signs that you can’t do it? What if it’s the Universe trying to help you prove that you can? Sure, it’s still frustrating in the moment, because in a perfect world we would never have to defend our fee, and our clients would always be on board with our plan.

But what if we could shift our energy, and therefore our approach?

How would it shift the outcome?

How can you make it more of a game so that when things do come up, you recognize them as an opportunity to practice? Knowing that the Universe wouldn’t let you practice if they didn’t know you could win.

To your success!

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