I Would Take Time Off But…

By Nicole Mangina | Jul 16, 2021

I’m too busy and I can’t leave my clients. Or. I’m slow, I can’t afford to take time off. It’s the age old question of real estate. What comes first, the vacation or the transaction? I’ve talked to a lot of agents lately that really want a vacation, but feel like they are too busy.…

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Weekly Experiments on Focus and Results

By Nicole Mangina | Jul 8, 2021

I love the word ‘experiment’ for so many reasons, but especially when it comes to life and business. Setting goals and action plans always feel so stressful and charged. What if they don’t work? How do you know at the beginning if you’ve chosen the right one? If you don’t get the desired result whose…

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Perfectly Imperfect

By Nicole Mangina | Jul 1, 2021

I always have been, and always will be – proud to be an American. Does it mean I agree with everything, of course not, but at the end of the day I am grateful for our country and all of her imperfections. The vastness, the variety, and ability to experience so much. We as individuals…

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Bonding With Buyers Agents

By Nicole Mangina | Jun 24, 2021

I used to dread calling Buyers agents after an offer review when they didn’t get the house. It’s never fun to deliver bad news, but I’ve found that if you lean in, there can be some great bonding moments that happen. Because at some point, we are all Buyer’s agents. For that specific property I…

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Morning Routine – The Summer Edition

By Nicole Mangina | Jun 3, 2021

Longer days and sunny skies mark the shift so summer routines and I’m so ready to mix things up. Once school gets out the energy shifts in our house. It’s more free flowing and a lot less structured. I love that the focus is more about fun and play than checking things off the list,…

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How I Ended Up In A Disney Movie

By Nicole Mangina | May 20, 2021

I’m always amazed at how life plays out. Does anyone else have powerful lessons show up in the most unexpected ways? One of our epic Covid quarantine ideas was to plan a trip to Pinehurst, NC with some friends. Pinehurst is the Disneyland of golf, complete with the hedges that spell out the name –…

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Keeping Your Sanity in Multiple Offers

By Nicole Mangina | May 13, 2021

It’s offer review day and you just submitted an offer for your buyers. Que Jeapordy music. The moment you hit send on the email and confirm receipt with the listing agent time seems to slow down as you wait for a response. At first the hope is that your clients get the house, but as…

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Let Go of What’s Not Working

By Nicole Mangina | May 7, 2021

Last week we talked about adding activities that make a positive difference. This week will help to make room for them. Adding good things is great, but it’s just as important to let go of what’s not working. It might be an action or activity that isn’t serving you right now, or a mindset. Notice…

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Discipline vs Motivation

By Nicole Mangina | Apr 30, 2021

We talk a lot about motivation – the inner drive to succeed. In theory, if you are motivated enough, motivation is all you need to achieve a goal. It sounds petty simple, but somewhere along the way motivation stops being enough. And that’s where things get sticky. My guess is that you set some sort…

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