Your Marketing Plan Needs More Than an Offer Review Date

By Nicole Mangina | Jun 23, 2022

Is it just me, or is anyone else enjoying this shift in the market? Buyers can take a breath before writing an offer, and as listing agents it’s becoming clear to Sellers that not everything sells in 5 minutes with 15 offers. They are starting to realize that who you hire matters, not just in…

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Perception Is Not Perspective

By Nicole Mangina | Jun 16, 2022

Alex graduated from high school this week. It’s been fun celebrating this milestone with him. It has been a journey in so many ways. As I watched the kids gather with their friends it reminded me of how differently we view the world at 17 than when we are – older. Our perception of what…

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Being vs Becoming

By Nicole Mangina | Jun 2, 2022

You have a goal. Maybe it’s income, or health and fitness, or a relationship goal. Something different than where you are currently at. Which means you are in the process of becoming. Let’s say you currently sell 15 houses a year and you would like to sell 30. You are working on becoming an agent…

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What If You Are Enough Right Now?

By Nicole Mangina | May 26, 2022

How often do we beat ourselves up over the what if’s of life? Assuming that we are somehow inadequate or have fallen short and if we can only …. things would be better. Whatever your phrase of choice to fill in the blank it essentially comes down to, you are not enough or adequate the…

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Fun Things Happen When You Work With Energy

By Nicole Mangina | May 19, 2022

Powerful things happen when we pay attention to and deliberately work with our energy. Insights occur, goals that seemed far fetched are attained, and fun things happen that make you smile. Everything in life is energy, and like attracts like. It’s why everything seems to go right when you are in a good mood, and…

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Phone Calls vs Emails – They Are Both Important, But For Different Reasons

By Nicole Mangina | May 6, 2022

Did anyone else have a listing go past the offer review date lately? I know that there are some agents out there wondering, what do I do on day 7 when their listing hasn’t sold yet. If you are going through that right now, this post is for you. Communication is key. It’s fun when…

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What If You Are Right Where You Need To Be?

By Nicole Mangina | Apr 29, 2022

We spend so much time worrying and beating ourselves up for not being further on the path. We think we should have sold more, saved more, or grown more. The list is endless Everyone has something that they feel behind on. The tricky part is – that’s life. No matter where you are, there is…

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What If There Was An Easy Button? Would You Use It?

By Nicole Mangina | Apr 22, 2022

How are you doing? I mean REALLY doing? These last 2 years have been a doozy. After all the health scares, isolation – do we / don’t we, crazy real estate market, rising inflation and interest rates, it’s time for some honesty. I’ve talked to a lot of people that are worn out and feeling…

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Miracles Happen When…

By Nicole Mangina | Apr 14, 2022

Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears. Mic drop. I saw this on instagram this week, and it was exactly what I needed to see. It’s so easy to get caught up in worry, fear and concern (at least for me) that we…

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