Interest Rates Don’t Determine The Market – Life Does

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 23, 2022

We can’t seem to catch a break with interest rates lately. The Fed voted to increase them again this week. And while mortgage rates didn’t instantly shoot up, it’s going to have an impact. Every 1% raise in interest rates decreases buying power by 10%, and they are up almost 3% from last year. That’s…

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What If Challenges Are Just The Universe Trying To Help?

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 16, 2022

We kicked off the latest round of Master Your Energy To Change Your Life this week, and one of the big themes that came up was the ways the Universe likes to ‘help’. Meaning, have you ever noticed that when you want to make a change, up level or improve something, random road blocks seem…

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Does Your Business Need An Energy Appraisal?

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 9, 2022

Woohoo! The kids are back in school and we are finally getting back to a routine in our house. But as good as that feels, it sometimes take a bit to get things going in the right direction. September is a great time to check in on your energy and your mindset. You have 120…

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What If This Time You Finally Felt In Control?

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 1, 2022

It’s the cycle of life. Or at least the school year. Every June, spring fever is in full effect and the structure of school, baseball and the real estate market feels too confining. I can’t wait for summer break to ‘just let things flow’. You know, those easy breezy days of summer that are filled…

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Which Do You Choose: Option A or B For Success?

By Nicole Mangina | Aug 26, 2022

What’s your definition of success? Option A: Working 80 hour weeks, feeling stressed out, but afraid to take your foot off the gas for fear that everything will fall apart? Maybe fitting the definition of success on the outside but feeling like a failure on the inside knowing that this isn’t sustainable. Option B: Working…

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Balance Is Back In The Market – It’s Going To Be A Great Finish To 2022

By Nicole Mangina | Aug 19, 2022

August is one of my favorite months. The weather is beautiful, the days are still long, but starting to shorten, reminding us to savor every moment, and we are still in the free flowing schedule of summer. As August begins to roll into September, I can’t help but feel the tug of needing some structure…

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You Don’t Need To Change The World, You Just Need To Change Your Reality

By Nicole Mangina | Aug 12, 2022

I heard someone say this the other day, and it was a light bulb moment. Yes! I believe that everything we do makes a difference in the world, and that we should always strive to be a positive influence. But trying to change others or situations is a slippery slope, because we all have free…

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What Ever You Believe – You’re Right

By Nicole Mangina | Aug 5, 2022

This was a busy week. Gary was out of town, Ryan had his first college showcase baseball tournament – which meant 3 full days at the ballfield, I had 2 closings, negotiated another offer, did an updated photoshoot for my website which of course involved some last minute shopping for ‘just the right look’ and…

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Does Being Busy = Success?

By Nicole Mangina | Jul 28, 2022

As we roll into August – this feels like a question worth contemplating. August is supposed to be that month where everyone checks out and relishes the beauty of summer with time off to rest, relax and rejuvenate. It sounds delightful doesn’t it? A whole month to just have fun. But could you do it?…

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