In 2021 I Resolve To Let Go Of…

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 14, 2021

I love the reset that comes with the New Year. Whether you call them resolutions or goals, it’s the perfect time to evaluate life and business so that you can move forward with intention. This typically involves creating a long list of I Wish and I Should. I wish to make more money … I…

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Powerful Lessons Come From Weird Places

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 7, 2021

Welcome to 2021! There were many things I enjoyed about 2020 (crazy virus aside), but I always look forward to a New Year with joy and anticipation. In keeping with the crazy year that 2020 was, it wrapped up with some powerful lessons in a really odd package. Many of you saw my post on…

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Reclaim Your Time

By Nicole Mangina | Dec 18, 2020

This holiday season may not be filled with exotic travel like years past, but it’s still a time to relax and take a step back from work. Yet, I’ve talked to several agents this week whose phones keep on ringing. Which can create some inner conflict. How do you take your planned, and much needed…

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How Do You Collide?

By Nicole Mangina | Dec 12, 2020

In last week’s post I talked about life and real estate being a contact sport. Meaning, success comes from connecting with others. Then I was in a class where the instructor talked about the value of colliding. Essentially being in contact with others. It’s value shows up in lots of different ways: Being at the…

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Don’t Write The Year Off Yet!

By Nicole Mangina | Dec 4, 2020

It’s the first week of December, and every December I vacillate between finishing the year strong with work, and relaxing into a month-long haze of holiday lights, hot chocolate, and cookie baking. It’s usually a combination of the two. Whether you view December as a work month or a chance for some time off, these…

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The Power of Personalization

By Nicole Mangina | Oct 30, 2020

With online school comes daily runs to Chipotle and Chick Fil A for lunch. I’ve rationalized it that it’s a chance for Alex and Ryan to get out of their rooms and spend a few minutes together each day. Usually Alex drives them, but I picked some up, via the drive through, the other day…

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When You Aren’t The Right Person For The Job

By Nicole Mangina | Oct 23, 2020

Wait? We are self employed and commission based. Isn’t that the definition of – we are always the right person for the job? If you are operating from fear, yes. But if you are operating from a place of abundance and well versed in the 80 / 20 rule, the answer is no. Some things…

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Prepping Your Buyers For The Multiple Offer Roller Coaster

By Nicole Mangina | Oct 2, 2020

Whew! Being a buyer in this market is not for the faint of heart. Multiple offers, quick turn around times, waived contingencies. It can be a little nutty. It’s also an amazing time for you to guide your clients and really shine as an agent. Your clients need you now more than ever. For market…

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Admiral McRaven Was Right – It Starts With Making Your Bed

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 25, 2020

It’s all about the morning routine. All coaching seems to start with it. The idea is that there is value in doing certain things each morning: affirmations, reading something inspirational, working out, etc. The exact formula may vary, but the focus is to create a positive direction for the day. Admiral McRaven famously talked about…

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