Business Planning
with Diane Terry and Nicole Mangina
Systems + Energy = Success

Tuesday, December 12th, 9:30am-1pm
Seattle Yacht Club

What if THIS is the year you create a business plan that you are excited and confident about?

Learn to leverage the power of systems and enegy to reach your goals.

Are you running your business on accident?

Have you ever wondered...

What your year would have, could have or should have looked like if you had worked a plan?

Are you ready for a business plan that doesn't overwhelm you AND works?

We business plan with the best of intentions. However, somewhere between envisioning our goal for the coming year, laying the groundwork with a plan and implementing the plan, things go awry.

Whether you're looking to:

  • Grow your business
  • Maintain it  
  • Make some changes so that you can have a life outside of real estate  

It all comes down to having a plan. 

Join industry veterans Diane Terry and Nicole Mangina as they take you through the systems, structures and mindsets that have allowed them to create incredible repeat and referral businesses with raving fans, fantastic incomes, AND a life.

They will show you what works, where most agents go wrong in ther business and the secrets that make the biggest difference.

What if you worked to achieve YOUR goals, the ones that genuinely excite you, instead of those suggested by someone else?

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Meet Diane

A life re-evaluation led Diane to Real Estate more than 30 years ago.


Her wealth of knowledge, thoughtfulness, and ‘get it done’ approach have allowed her to create a thriving business made up of past clients and referrals. In addition to selling real estate, Diane is dedicated to mentoring others in the industry, and has been regarded as the ‘heart and sage of the office,’ because of her passion for training newer agents and colleagues.

Diane's specialty is building an intentional business plan, fostering relationships with her clients that keep them coming back and knowing how to maximize all of her marketing efforts to increase their impact.

Meet Nicole

Seasoned realtor and business mentor, Nicole, shares her secrets for achieving your goals AND enjoying life - at the same time! Having paved her own way in the industry, she knows what it means to define success on your terms and how to create a plan to achieve your goals, not by following a cookie cutter one-size-doesn’t-fit-all action plan. “I’ve been doing this for years. Willing to chart my own territory and be completely open and vulnerable along the way about what did and didn’t work and how it feels to be in a room full of powerhouses and claim my own definition of success. “ ~ Nicole


How would it feel if you…

Were calm and at peace with each daily action you needed to take?

Could enjoy life, make it to brunch on the weekends, activities for the kids, and date night with your spouse.

Were confident in yourself, your desires, and the path to achieving them?

Knew that the Universe has your back and you have everything you need right now to accomplish your goals for 2023?

Sounds good, right?

This class is for you if ...

Business planning is exciting and daunting at the same time.

There is a glimmer that this will be the year you achieve your goals, but also some fear of failing, yet again, or what if your current vision of success feels out of alignment?

You're tired of business plans that only focus on the money, leaving out the vision, and leaving you unsatisfied even if you attain the goal.

You believe life is meant to be enjoyed now, not deferred to some later date.

You're ready to define success on your terms.

You're ready to let go of comparison and create a business and a life that works FOR YOU!

You know it's time to claim the confidence, independence, excitement, and trust in yourself and what you want to create.



Because setting yourself up for success doesn’t mean you have to stress

What You Can Expect...

Join Diane and Nicole in this exciting masterclass to …

Identify what success looks like for YOU,

Create a strong, easy-to-execute action plan with tracking tools to keep you going

Feel confident in yourself and your decision-making abilities

Have proven strategies to deal with the resistance that will inevitably come up.

Find relief by letting go of what you “should” do and focus on what you need to do


We will take you through a process to help you determine what YOUR unique activities are that will virtually guarantee your success.                        

+ We are including an Ask Us Anything Lunch

As part of the class, you’ll receive:

The exact framework we use to plan our business each year

Tools to customize the plan to fit YOUR unique goals

Copies of the tracking and planning sheets that Nicole and Diane use that you can easily implement

Excercises to help determine the right goals for YOU

Tools to handle the energy blocks and sticking points that’ve held you back

An ask us anything lunch - bring your burning questions to your biggest hurdles. We will offer insights into our own business and on the spot coaching

You get to decide what you want, the rhythms of your year and the actions that will get you there.

It will not only be a plan, but we will address the energy blocks and sticking points that have caused you to ditch your plan in years past or avoid doing one all together.

The Details...

Join the masterclass and receive all of Diane and Nicole’s tools for $225.


  • In person class at the Seattle Yacht Club
  • Includes an ask us anything lunch
  • Tracking sheets to ensure you reach your goals
  • Worksheets and tools that Diane and Nicole use in their own planning process
  • Tools to handle the energy blocks and sticking points that’ve held you back


  • In person class at the Seattle Yacht Club
  • Includes an ask us anything lunch
  • Tracking sheets to ensure you reach your goals
  • Worksheets and tools that Diane and Nicole use in their own planning process
  • Tools to handle the energy blocks and sticking points that’ve held you back
  • PLUS: Zoom Planning sessions to:
  • Keep you on track
  • Exponentially increase your ability to reach your goals
  • PLUS a super special bonus of a 30-minute 1 on 1 planning session ($250 value)
  • Planning dates: 1/11, 4/11, 7/18

Love for Diane & Nicole...

"Business planning does not even begin to describe the energy and ideas that Diane brought to the table when she did a business planning class for my office. Her holistic approach to looking ahead is refreshing and on point. I am in awe of her business acumen and fresh approach. She raises the bar for us all."

Lisa DuBois

"(Nicole) has this fantastic way of energizing and inspiring me on both a professional and personal level. I can’t wait to do it again….I think of it as a gift to myself! It’s about waking up each day excited for life and confident that things are going to go your way."

Julie Wilson

"Recognizing the profound impact a solid business plan has on future success and it's irreplaceable role as the backbone of her business, Diane Terry is genergous to share her template with others. This is just another reflection of her unwavering commitment to making our industry better and helping agents achieve more success!"

Kristen Stavros

"{Nicole helped} me go from a place where I was grateful for my business but felt like I was barely staying afloat because I was so busy, to a place where I can just be grateful, excited and moving forward with my business. Your big-picture thinking, along with your small tips and tricks, has really had a positive impact on me in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for all of your help and advice!"

Erin Wright

If your want to go far together...

Why do it alone when we can do it together?

Plan your year in this open forum, build connections, find accountability buddies and listen to the replay (plus the valuable insights shared!) as often as you’d like to create your successful strategy.

Finally, plan a year you feel good about and excited to wake up for every day.

Create something that’s easy to use and works with your life vs at odds with it. Feel confident about yourself and your goals and finally fit the pieces together.

You have questions?

We have answers

Business Planning with Diane Terry and Nicole Mangina

The Energy of Business Planning



Business Planning with Diane Terry and Nicole Mangina - Dec 2023

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