Join Us For A Day of Masterminding To: Restore Your Faith In Yourself and The Market

with Nicole Mangina and Elly McKenzie

Thursday, March 21st, 9:30am-2:30pm
Overlake Country Club, Bellevue, WA

And make you feel like one of the luckiest agents around

You've watched others do it - navigate the market, enjoy a steady stream of clients that magically show up, all while having fun, making it look easy AND having a life.

What if that person is YOU?

You've got this! You can navigate this market with confidence and make a great income. But to do it, you have to belive it's possible - for YOU.  

It takes Faith for it to work. (Is it just me, or anyone else hearing George Michael in their head right now?)

We aren't talking about religious faith. Although that's awesome if that's your thing. We are talking about:


Faith in yourself that you can do this and you have what it takes


Faith in others - your clients will be there, all at the right time


Faith in the Universe - which could be the market, interest rates, and the world in general

Which is where this hands on, in person workshop comes in.

We've talked to so many agents who are in the weeds. Overthinking the market, doubting themselves and feeling stuck. Unsure how to navigate it all. Does this sound like you?

If we're being honest, you might be more than a little stressed, wondering if you are cut out for real estate.

But at the same time - even with the doubt that seems to be winning your internal battle, there is a piece of you that knows you can do this. 

Let us help you tap into THAT version of you

Energy and mindset work are powerful, and the foundation of believing that you can do this. And when you belive something is true, the Universe helps make it so.

Learn easy things that you can do each day to restore, build and stabalize your faith that you can do this.

From there we will share ways to take action that will dramatically increase your results.

What if at the end of the day, you felt like your success was inevitable?

THAT is our focus for the day, and our intention for you.

Join industry experts Nicole Mangina and Elly McKenzie as they share the step by step tools they use to create a businesses AND lives they love.  

They will show you what works, where most agents go wrong and the secrets that make the biggest difference.

When it comes to luck, you can make your own. ~ Bruce Sprinsteen

Elly McKenzie

Meet Elly

Elly's specialty is listening, taking amazing care of her clients and building relationships that last long after the transaction closes. Leading to an amazing referral business and a rich life that includes spending time with her family, playing ultimate frisbee, exploring new restaurants and playing board games.


After 9 years in real estate, Elly has learned a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. More than that, she has developed some incredibly unique tools that allow her to take action without getting stuck in the cul de sac of indecision, manage the cycles of the real estate market and run an incredibly productive as well as lucky business.

Meet Nicole

Seasoned realtor and business mentor, Nicole, shares her secrets for achieving your goals AND enjoying life - at the same time! Having paved her own way in the industry, she knows what it means to define success on your terms and how to create a plan to achieve your goals, not by following a cookie cutter one-size-doesn’t-fit-all action plan. “I’ve been doing this for years. Willing to chart my own territory and be completely open and vulnerable along the way about what did and didn’t work and how it feels to be in a room full of powerhouses and claim my own definition of success. “ ~ Nicole

Headshot 1

How would it feel if you…


Knew that something great would happen today - and had the track record to prove it?


Could easily identify and release the actions, habits and thoughts that keeping you stuck?


Had a simple and powerfully effective tool to instantly make every situation lucky?


The Ultimate Mastermind: Restore Your Faith and Create Your Own Luck

Because setting yourself up for success is easier than you think

What You Can Expect...

Join Elly and Nicole in this exciting class to learn …


Easy, powerful energy practices that open the door to your luckiest self.


How to create habits that make you a luck magnet


Ways to find opportunities you previously missed


Secrets to letting go of procrastination


Ways to leverage the power of momentum that don't lead to overwhelm


Be the version of you that has a charmed business and amazing life at the SAME TIME

When you are clear on your goals, and your mindset, energy and actions are aligned, it has no other choice than to show up. That's what it means to be lucky.

The Details...

Join the mastermind and receive all of Nicole and Elly’s tools for $250.

Create Your Own Luck Mastermind

  • In person class at the Overlake Country Club in Bellevue, WA
  • Includes an 'ask us anything' lunch
  • Guided and visualizations and mediations to strengthen your confidence and make you a luck magnet
  • Easy ways to tap into your energy to know which actions will build momentum and generate results
  • Easy ways to identify and shift energy blocks

Love for Elly & Nicole...


"Elly taught a great class, and provided much needed information. She is very relatable, speaking from her own experience as a broker. She is engaging and included great resources. Elly has taught many classes at our office on a wide range of topics, and we always find them to be very educational."

Joe Easterday


"(Nicole) has this fantastic way of energizing and inspiring me on both a professional and personal level. I can’t wait to do it again….I think of it as a gift to myself! It’s about waking up each day excited for life and confident that things are going to go your way."

Julie Wilson


"Elly is a fantastic teacher! Her transaction desk class was so helpful. Even as a seasoned broker, I learned several new things. Elly's class is focused, direct, clear and actionable. Elly is delightful and shares from her own experiences, challenges and wins to gain back control of her business."

Nancy Chapin


"{Nicole helped} me go from a place where I was grateful for my business but felt like I was barely staying afloat because I was so busy, to a place where I can just be grateful, excited and moving forward with my business. Your big-picture thinking, along with your small tips and tricks, has really had a positive impact on me in both my personal and professional life. Thank you for all of your help and advice!"

Erin Wright

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Create Your Own Luck with Nicole Mangina and Elly McKenzie


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Create Your Own Luck with Elly McKenzie and Nicole Mangina - March 2024

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