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Ever feel like there is some secret that everyone else knows but you? A secret that if you knew it would make things easier? Help you sell more houses? Have a life?

The good news is – there IS a secret.

The better news is – It’s easier to access than you think.

Ever heard of the Universal Laws? Chances are you’ve heard of the Law of Attraction. That one gets a lot of press, for obvious reasons. But there are 11 others that are just as important.

Life is about learning how to work with the Universe and the Universal Laws vs against them.

Here’s the thing, the Universe is actually set up to support your goals. It’s the whole reason it exists. And the whole reason we exist is to create, so that we can experience this wonder and power in our own lives.

Yes, you read that right. It’s okay to want more. It’s how we are wired.

And when you work WITH the laws of the Universe things are truly magical.

It’s funny, we all acknowledge magic to some extent, but for most it’s something fictional. In fairy tales and movies, or sleight of hand shows. Illusions that are not to be believed.

But what if magic was real? And more attainable than we realized. Something that you can use in your every day life to achieve anything you want – easily – aka magically.

Living a magical life and having a magical business is possible. And doesn’t require years of training, funny robes, Ouija boards, incantations, sacrificial ceremonies, or anything else odd that you can think of.

Living a magical life looks different for each of us. To me it means living my life – outside of real estate, with a business that supports it and being grateful and present for all of it. This has been one of my most magical yet.

Real estate can be all consuming, but this year life has been the consuming part. Both of our boys are super busy with baseball, my Mom – who has been living in Taos, New Mexico for the last 15 years was diagnosed with dementia, which has required several trips to pack up her house, move her back to Washington, set up her medical care and find the right place to care for her. In between trips we managed a trip to Maui to soak up some sun, and Gary and I have made it a priority to stay connected.

Needless to say, my windows of opportunity for selling real estate have been minimal. And yet, when I’ve been available, the business has been there, and it has provided an amazing income. One that has allowed me to be grateful and feel incredibly blessed. I might not be on anyones top seller list, but my income is great by any measure, and it’s allowing me to show up in the ways I need. To be present, to be grateful and to be happy.

And I’ve been doing more of what really feeds my soul – coaching and training. THAT to me is living a magical life.

I’ll be honest, though. Living a magical life takes support.

I can get stuck in the cul de sac of indecision and overthinking just like anyone else.

The 2 biggest things that have helped me create my amazing year are my coach and my mastermind.

There is huge value in being part of a tribe.

Which is why I’ve created the Exponential You Mastermind for agents who are committed to making this their best year yet. Because going it alone is possible, but going it together is exponential.

Here’s what you can expect in the mastermind:

  • In person meetings! Zoom is great, but in person is amazing!
  • Monthly topic timed to help you make the most of your year and the market cycles – because working WITH the cycles of the market makes it easier to sell more with less stress
  • Specifically tailored energy tools to keep you on track and help you sell more real estate. Yes, some of these are a little woo, but they all work and none require years of training.
  • The value of everyone supporting each other with their goals. There really is a magnification effect that is pretty amazing to experience
  • Yummy lunch
  • FREE access to Everyday Energy. My new 4 week online course. Valued at $397
  • Email and phone access throughout the mastermind for laster coaching if questions come up, or you get stuck.

Here’s an overview of what we will be covering each month:

  • May 3: Law of Focus: Mastering your energy in groups. It’s one thing to maintain your energy on your own. It’s another thing entirely when you are around others. There are some key tools to use when you are around others so that you don’t get derailed by someone else’s negative attitudes and you are able to truly connect with people and come away feeling fulfilled.
  • June 7: The Law of Polarity. We love to be right. It makes us feel safe. But what if your being right was the biggest obstacle to selling more homes? When you understand that everything has multiple ways of looking at it you become the decider of your reality. You can literally CHOOSE the version that works for you. Sounds easy, but it’s one of the easiest laws to get tripped up on. We will learn some simple ways to shift focus and go with intention that allow you to work WITH the law of Polarity vs against it.
  • July 12: Surprise bonus
  • August 2: The Law of Rhythm. There are cycles to the year, the market and our lives. Learning how to lean into these can help you sell more homes AND have a life. But we are often too afraid to do this. We feel the need to be on ALL of the time, always pushing forward. Have you ever been exhausted but been too scared to acknowledge it and take a break? Only to keep pushing and have nothing to show for it? There is a better way. There is a way to work with the Law of Rhythm that allows you to embrace and even enjoy these cycles, and not panic that you won’t ever sell another house.
  • September 6: The Law of Compensation. True receiving comes from the generosity of giving. Whether it’s smiling at someone and receiving one in return, or giving value in the form of real estate advice and being compensated by a sale. I’m all for energy, but money makes the world go round. This month will be focused on using the Law of Compensation to make more money without feeling icky or salesy.
  • October 4: The Law of Vibration + the Law of Action. This month is a combo. This month is about learning how to tap into your intuition – yes, you are intuitive, no matter what you think – and then taking action. Everything is vibration and when you learn how to connect to it, you will gain insights you hadn’t previously. It’s true inspired action and the way to tap into the 20% that yields 80% of your results.
  • November 1: The Law of Gratitude and Appreciation. We are built to want more. And yet to get more we need to be happy with what we have. It sounds like a contradiction, and is often a tripping point when setting goals. It can feel like splitting your focus with no defined goal. But learning to truly work with these laws are like finding the easy button that open the door to possibilities you never knew were possible.

Ready to make this your most magical AND profitable year yet? Sign up below and we will see you on the 3rd!


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