About Nicole

“How I went from being a stressed out real estate agent, burning the candle at both ends to increasing my business AND having more time with my family.”

I'm a geek to my core. Growing up math and science were my favorite subjects. Calculus, physics, organic chemistry, bring it on! It's all about learning which elements combine to give you the best results.

Learning isn't just about test books, though, it's about applying it to real life.

Results come from actions. What I have found is that taking action is often the hardest part.  We over think it, we get too much outside input, we get overwhelmed and as a result, nothing happens.  It happens to us and it happens to our clients, both of which affect our ability to succeed.

However, not all action is created equal. How do you know which ones work best?

By deciding what your goal is, determining the best actions to get you there and making it happen.

It sounds easy enough, but we all know it isn't.

That's where I come in. I created a unique system within my real estate practice that allows me to take the right actions. The ones that get results and help my clients move forward.  I have also coached hundreds of others to use these same systems in many different industries.

I'm on a mission to help you see what is possible and achieve that big life you set out to create. It may feel like a long lost dream right now, but trust me, you are closer thank you think.  Let me help you clear the fog and highlight your path to success in your business so you can live the life you dreamed of.

Core beliefs:

  • Small, consistent actions yield exponential results
  • Imperfect action beats perfect planning
  • The Universe has your back

To your success!


Nicole Mangina
The Success Perspective Mentor