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PROSPER Confident Sales, Less Work and More Fun Through Elevated Energy & Effective Systems

What if you could easily create the money for that rental property you've been eyeing, college tuition for the kids, or for that trip you've always wanted to take?

What if clients started calling YOU, instead of you having to work so hard to find them?

Wouldn't it be nice to relax and be present at your next family gathering instead of trying to ignore that guilty feeling that you 'should' be working?

What if you walked around each day with your head held high, feeling confident and excited about what's in store because you KNEW things were going to go your way?


Success is structural, it's not personal.

It has little to do with your capabilities and nothing to do with your worth.
It simply requires paying attention to your energy & systems.

Success with Ease in Real Estate is a Matter of Combining 2 Things:

1) Elevated Energy &
2) Winning Systems

This is the foundation of what clients love learning from me.

Like my client Heather D. who said:

"I'm ... more aware of my energy and state of mind. I'm reacting more thoughtfully. Beth and I got 2 houses I didn't think our buyers had a chance of getting: we almost didn't write the offers, but kept saying 'what if?'!"

We all know that implementing effective systems WILL increase sales. But there's more to it. I've had great systems, lots of success and been TOTALLY burned out.

Until I learned about Energy and how to apply it to my business. THAT's when things really started to shift. And all of a sudden I had a successful business AND a life to go with it. Because at the end of the day, it's the 'LIFE' part that matters the most.

Albert Einstein says is best:

“Everything is energy and that is all there is to it."

EVERYTHING is energy.  

That means there's an energy to success. And another energy of struggle, frustration and failure. It's just… energy!  

That ALSO means that success with EASE has a frequency, 

and so does success with HUSTLE.

Einstein goes on to say:
Match the frequency of the reality you want and you can to help but get that reality."

Ok, but what does he mean? And how do you do that?!

That's the magic of this course!

In Prosper: Confident Sales, Less Work and More Fun Through Elevated Energy & Effective Systems, I'll show you how to create the systems & structure to succeed, along with the tools and techniques to help you match the energy and frequency of what you want to create.

Imagine easily hitting your income goal, having clients line up to work with you, and finally being able to ENJOY your free time again.

Success with ease?? I'll take some of that please!!


There is a not-so-hidden secret as to why some real estate agents and sales professionals get a steady stream of sales while making it look easy … and others don’t.

So what IS it then?

Effective systems are a must, and the secret sauce that makes the magic possible is in combining winning systems with...

⚡⚡⚡ Your ENERGY! ⚡⚡⚡


Energy? A little too 'woo' for you?

Well, rest assured this course isn't just me encouraging you to sit on the couch in the lotus position, eyes closed and pleading with the Universe to bring you clients. (Although, who wouldn't love that?!)

You can hustle, have awesome systems and make sales happen, but by leveraging your ENERGY you can do it faster and with SO much more ease.

I'll give you an example:

Let's say cleaning the house is on your list of things to do:

House cleaning with HUSTLE = picking up things one at a time and putting them away before picking up the next one.

House cleaning with MASTERED SYSTEMS = grabbing multiple things at the same time so that you are making fewer trips. MUCH better!

House cleaning with MASTERED SYSTEMS + ELEVATED ENERGY = Having someone else clean your house while you're on a beach in Hawaii with the hot sun on your skin and a cold margarita in your hand.

Yes. It's THAT different. So which do you choose?

I don't know about you, but I'm choosing the margarita every time?

It's the practical PLUS the energetics!

Knowing how to set up effective systems AND tap into your energy will get you on the plan to Hawaii for the vacation you so richly deserve, and have you feeling good through the whole process. 

Hi, I’m Nicole.

I’ve been a top-selling real estate agent in the Seattle area for over 25 years. In my quest to not only master business but also have a life I love, I have found the tricks and tools along the way that make all the difference. 

I’ve been sharing these secrets with agents and entrepreneurs since 2010 and nothing brings me more joy in my business than to watch my clients win big.

The cornerstone of my teachings focuses on the energy we bring to everything we do.  But equally important are the systems we have in place for doing these things.

Energy is a common word these days, but not many can teach others how to intentionally master it, direct it, and COMBINE it with PROVEN systems.

Yet, once you figure this out, it’s the difference between everything coming together magically versus an uphill battle each step of the way. 

Doesn’t having things come together seemingly magically sound so much better?


Whether you are new to the energy world or an experienced practitioner, the energetic tools I teach, combined with the proven business practices, will make a massive difference in your life, business, and relationships.

I teach not just how to master your energy but to apply it to effective systems in your business to achieve dramatically different results.

"What a valuable experience. The Mastering Your Energy class was so helpful. It reminded me of all the things we need to remember about ourselves daily and provided useful tools to help manage my outlook and energy. Ways to thrive through it all instead of being bogged down." ~ Marla

Imagine if tweaking your systems and mastering your energy could directly impact the frequency of your listing appointments, referrals, and things coming together seamlessly in perfect timing resulting in an enormous smile on your face & money in the bank?

They can.

I can tell you hundreds of stories about amazing things that have happened to me seemingly magically as I took aligned action and shifted my concentration to what kind of energy I'm bringing to the table.

Here are just a few fabulous results you can experience in your business, just like I did and others that I have taken through this process :

Increase your price point so you work less and earn more

Have clients appear out of nowhere at the perfect time

Easy solutions ‘magically’ occur to you at the right moment to ease tense situations.

Receive offers on a listing that previously sat on the market quiet as crickets.

Understand what's going on with clients beyond what they tell you, allowing creative resolution in complex situations.

Have unshakeable confidence in knowing you can affect the outcome of your business

The timing works out perfectly, even when you have no idea how you manage it all!

SOUNDS amazing, RIGHT?

"I am more aware of my energy levels and how it can affect my life and business. Also, I am noticing the power of words and stopping before I go down the negativity train. " ~ Jenny W.

BUT Nicole, I already do mindset work and say affirmations each morning.
This sounds like more of that!

Why Affirmations (alone) Don’t Work

Affirmations are an awesome idea. But if you're not combining them with actual energy work, they're like painting the walls of a fixer and calling it a remodel.

Here's what I mean:

It doesn't matter how often you tell yourself something; if your energy doesn't match the words (you're not in alignment with it), it won't happen.

We've all heard the phrase, what you focus on expands and assume that it means your thoughts. But we don't get what we 'think' about. We get what our energy is focused on. Your thoughts follow your energy, not vice versa.

An affirmation only focused on your thoughts. They are missing the most important part.

Energy work goes deeper than that, which means less resistance and better results.

Elevating your energy attracts ideal clients, and helps them feel confident in the process, their decisions, and you. A win for everyone.

Elevating Your Energy is the FASTEST way to manifesting the big beautiful life you set out to create when you started all of this.

Mastering Systems is the secret to keeping things consistent and generating momentum.

What if you could tighten up your systems and combine it with ways to leverage your energy so that you became the magnet for dream clients and easy sales??

Click below and join me for this live 6-week course where I show you how to do just that so that you'll be living the lifestyle you've been wanting for in 2024.

"It is so helpful to learn and understand steps for setting daily intentions and to pause to revaluate how to think and take action when communication information that is not what your client's want to hear" ~ Colleen R

Click below and join me for this live 6-week course where I show you the method I use to combine energy and action to increase your success.

Heather said...

I've gotten at least one thing out of every session that has stuck with me and I think they will stick forever.  Cutting the grounding cord, what if, and resetting energy are at the top of the list.

I'm becoming more aware of my energy and state of mind.  I'm reacting more thoughtfully.  Beth and I got two houses I didn't think our buyers had a chance of getting; we almost didn't write the offers but kept saying "what if".


Prosper: Elevated Energy & Effective Systems To Help You Work Less and Live More


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