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Rapid Expansion: The Group Mastermind

What if you learned to integrate winning business systems AND leverage your energy through simple, yet powerful techiniques for rapid expansion and you didn’t have to do it alone?

What if you were surrounded by high-achieving individuals, like you, who want more and who ‘get it’?

vs doing it all alone? Doing all the things for everyone else with no energy or support left for you?


Success isn’t personal, it’s structural.

Match the energy and frequency of what you want to create - more money, better relationships, joy, happiness, peace, all of it and then set up the structures to create it. That is when your success becomes inevitable.

Knowing this is one thing. Doing it over time is another.

We tend to oscillate between:

Being really motivated – ready to do what it takes and being overwhelmed, derailed by life and unsure what to do next.

But what if you could take the guess work out of it?

What if you were part of a group who had the same desires for high energy, frequencies & success?

That’s what Rapid Expansion: The Group Mastermind is all about!

In the Rapid Expansion Mastermind you will learn to shift your personal energy, and combine it with solid, proven strategies to make yourself a MATCH for the business reality (LOTS OF SALES) and the fulfilling life that you desire…. AND be a part of a group of amazing individuals who are on the same path.

Is it Woo? Yes
Will there be tactical and tangible systems and structures? Absolutely

You need both for it to work, but we often downplay or underestimate the importance of our energy.
The Woo part.

In this program I’m combining the best of everything that has made the biggest difference in both my real estate AND coaching business as well as my personal life.

⚡⚡⚡When you combine: Systems + Energy, and the CO-CREATIVE POWER OF THE GROUP amazing things happen!⚡⚡⚡

Have you ever heard that saying that ‘the whole is greater than the sum of the parts’?

Together in Rapid Expansion:  The Group Mastermind we will lead, inspire, and encourage each other to shine our lights and experience business success and joy you never thought possible.

What are you waiting for!?

Hi, I’m Nicole.

I’ve been a top-selling real estate agent in the Seattle area for over 25 years. In my quest to not only master business but also have a life I love, I have found the tricks and tools along the way that make all the difference.

I’ve been sharing these secrets with agents and entrepreneurs since 2010 and nothing brings me more joy in my business than to watch my clients win big.

The cornerstone of my teachings focuses on the energy we bring to everything we do. But equally important are the systems we have in place for doing the things.

Having a coach is a fantastic way to speed up benefits, but just 1:1 coaching (while it has fabulous advantages) is missing something - the unique perspectives and co-creative power of the group.

Doesn’t CO-creation sound much more expansive, relaxing, and POSSIBLE than trying to continue doing it all alone?



Nicole Mangina
The Success Perspective Mentor

Here are just a few fabulous things that happen when you commit to yourself and to being part of a group:

You know you’re not alone
You start to see things differently, which opens the door to dramatic shifts
Just as you will inspire others, they will inspire you
You will feel the support and momentum of being in a group where everyone has big dreams
Having others hold space for your dreams is powerful.
You get to be YOU, the truest version of you, not the one you think you are supposed to be.
Someone will ask the questions you didn’t know to ask, but needed to hear
In showing up for others it can be easier to show up for ourselves.
You will receive incredible support and feedback to build your confidence.
A place where you are not only accepted, but encouraged.
Accountability – We all get off track. What if you had a tribe to keep an eye on you and pull you back in?
There is a momentum that happens in a group that is magical. Together we ALL move forward faster than we would alone.

SOUNDS amazing, RIGHT?

It’s all possible… when you understand how to combine simple, proven tactics with intentional use of your energy, and within a group where everyone is committed to the same.

Through the years I’ve invested in A LOT of coaching and mentorship groups. This mastermind combines the very best of all of them.

Everyday Energy
super happy yoga

Here’s What You Get With The Expansion Mastermind:

  • 6 months: January – June
  • 2 group zoom calls per month:  1st and 3rd Thursday of the month starting January 2024, from 9:30 – 10:30am PST.
  • Free access to in person day long mastermind January 18th. Because nothing beats the power of learning and bonding in person. Livestream will be available.
  • All calls will be recorded, so if you can’t make one live you can listen to the replay the same day.
  • Guest speakers - access to my mentors and the people that have made the biggest difference in my life and business.
  • 1 on 1 strategy call to review your business and create a custom success plan
  • Voxer coaching for in the moment help when things come up. You are going to LOVE this! This is THE tool that has helped me grow exponentially faster. No more getting stuck and having to wait weeks for feedback on a call. On Voxer we can strategize solutions and dissolve resistance in real time.
  • Weekly journal prompt to keep you going in the right direction.
  • Access to all other programs offered during the mentorship $8K+ value (including my Master You Systems and Elevate Your Energy Class that starts in January)
  • Access to discounted prices for retreats offered throughout the year

Here are just some of the topics we will explore:


Growing your list – where to get clients
Building relationships for loyalty and referrals
Mastering your hot / warm list, finding hidden income in your list
Moving Clients Gently Toward the Sale
Leveraging the rhythms of the year
Expert negotiations – what to say when
Core Structure for Business Success
Understanding the market for consistent income
Marketing that works. Where to spend your time and money
Sales Tips from a 27 year veteran. I won’t say I’ve seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot and been through countless market cycles.


Becoming an energetic match for what you want
Secrets to magnetizing it to you
Letting go of overwhelm – energetic and practical tools
Unwavering Energy of Creation
Arriving at Alignment
Understanding how to work with different personality types
Determining what YOU want to create
Building your confidence, knowing YOUR unique value
Business for empaths. How to not get trapped in your client’s energy
Self worth, self confidence and taming the voice inside your head

What if you could be a part of a group that would change the trajectory of your entire life for the better. Would you seize the opportunity to join it??

Click below and join us for this 7 month program in which I show you the method I use to combine energy and action to increase your success, and your overall enjoyment of life…

Colleen R. said:

It is so helpful to learn and understand steps for setting daily intentions and to pause to reevaluate how to think and take action when communicating information that is not what your client's want to hear.

Jenny W. said:

I am more aware of my energy levels and how it can affect my life and business. Also, I am noticing the power of words and stopping before I go down the negativity train.

Heather D. Said:

I've gotten at least one thing out of every session that has stuck with me and I think they will stick forever. Cutting the grounding cord, what if, and resetting energy are at the top of the list.

I'm being more aware of my energy and state of mind. I'm reacting more thoughtfully. Beth and I got two houses I didn't think our buyers had a chance of getting; we almost didn't write the offers but kept saying "what if".

Marla said:

What a valuable experience. The Mastering Your Energy class was so helpful. It reminded me of all the things we need to remember about ourselves daily and provided useful tools to help manage my outlook and energy. Ways to thrive through it all instead of being bogged down.

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1st and 3rd Thursday of the month starting January 2024
from 9:30 – 10:30 PST live via Zoom

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