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Powerful Talks

  • 5 Secrets for Faster Sales, Happier Clients and More Referrals
  • Create Your Unique, Bullet-Proof Business Plan
  • Magnetize Sales with Marketing That Works
  • 5 Insider Tips to Leverage Your Actions to Save Time and Make Money

Areas of Expertise

Core Beliefs

Nicole’s unique insights on using action and leverage to increase results can be used to improve the following areas of your business:

    • Marketing
    • Sales
    • Social Media
    • Business Planning
    • Mindset
  • The right actions vs. Small actions.
  • Imperfect action beats perfect planning.
  • You don’t always need to do more, you need to
  • Leverage what you are currently doing for better results.
  • You are closer to success than you think.

Speaking Formats

  • 20-60 minute keynotes
  • 1/2 and full day trainings
  • Webinars

Each talk, regardless of length focuses on key actions to get results and leverage points to make what you are doing achieve greater results.

“I enjoyed the up-beat realistic approach to my business. I got a lot of value from deciding what I was going to commit to.”

— Jennings Doyle, Real Estate Agent

“Nicole’s approachable manner is engaging and she gives her students the best of all possible worlds…great teaching and realistic coaching. Nicole is an “in the market” instructor who is able to share her experiences with her students and help them understand the nuances of this ever changing business yet she possesses the ability to communicate effectively the information that is needed to make great decisions.”

— Bev Bothell, Windermere Director of

“My take-away was the fact that I now have concrete action steps for success. I took one of those steps yesterday evening, and it may have netted me a new listing!”

— Joy Brown, Real Estate Agent

“This is the first time I’ve ever put a vacation on my calendar that’s more than 1 month in advance. That was eye-opening for me! Your workshop really helped me get jazzed about my business plan for 2014. It’s going to be a fun year!"

— Laura Polt, Real Estate Agent

Photos of Nicole

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About Nicole

Nicole is an expert in understanding how things work and finding leverage points to increase results.

Growing up an Air Force child and moving all over the world helped Nicole learn to see things from different perspectives and realize that there are many ways to do things. Her background in math and science mean that she is able to analyze data from various angles and determine the right action to move forward.

Weather it’s sales, marketing, or business planning, Nicole uses her unique talents to inspire others to not only take action, but leverage everything they do for greater results. Before adding something new, the goal is always to maximize what is already in place.

With honesty, humor, and personal experiences as well as those of her clients, Nicole’s focus is on helping Real People achieve Real Results in the Real World.

Weather attending a keynote speech, or multi day workshop attendees love Nicole’s blend of nurturing and motivation. The key is to not beat yourself up for the past but to channel your energy in to moving forward with your actions.

In addition to speaking and training, Nicole lots to travel the world with her family, exploring and enjoying new adventures.