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Secrets to Attracting Amazing Clients:
Easy actions and simple tweaks to generate more sales

Have you ever scrolled through the MLS sales and thought….

I wonder how they got that client?

Me too! Which is why I reached out to some of the most respected people in real estate and asked them that exact question.

And you know what? They were happy to share their secrets!

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What if:

You woke up confident, with a list of clients ready to work with you

You knew exactly what to do to generate more clients?

You could easily generate 5-10 extra sales this year. What would that do for your business, your family, your life?

You could stop spending so much money on marketing that doesn’t work

Well this is your lucky day! Because I made the calls and you can listen in.

Grab your FREE spot today.

This Masterclass series brings together 10 successful real estate agents and business owners who:

  • Have a list of clients waiting to work with them.
  • Have cracked the code to finding clients, consistently.
  • Don't rely on expensive or complicated marketing programs.

Because being good at what you do, and having clients are 2 different things.

These business mavens will:

Help you see what your missing

Tell you exactly where to focus your time and energy

Help you let go of the guilt around doing things that don’t work for you

Meet the Experts

  • Valerie Garcia - National speaker, consultant and encourager. Learn easy ways to stay connected and add value to generate referrals.
  • Stacie Staub- Co Founder and CEO of West + Main homes. Stacie is brilliant at helping agents identify their sources of business so they can focus their energy and actions for better results.
  • Jennifer Myers - The creator and founder of Agent Grad school. Jennifer is a master and marketing and systems that scale. Learn about the cycles of the real estate market and how we can all embrace them to sell more homes AND take more time off.
  • Marguerite Martin - The founder of Move to Tacoma and an all around marketing genius. Marguerite knows how to connect with clients and has mastered the dance of referring clients to other agents in order to live a more balanced life. Learn about how you can create new and additional sources of income in your real estate business.
  • Heather Maddox - Located in Renton, Washington, Heather is a master of systems and marketing. Her ability to connect and add value is better than anyone else I know. Heather shares her secrets for how and when she works, and where her clients come from.
  • Shelley Zavitz -
  • Erin Bradley - The founder of Pursuing Freedom, Erin coaches both agents and lenders in finding ways to generate clients that light them up rather than leaving them drained and depleted. Some seemingly simple shifts can make a huge difference in your ability to attract clients.
  • Eliza Michiels - Eliza has one of the best open house scripts around. Our lively conversation focused on this, her ability to stay in touch with past clients and the importance of financial literacy and stability for agents. It's something no one teaches us, but when we aren't stressed about money, we show up better.
  • Tracie Gulit - Tracie's commitment to supporting her community and connecting others has helped her business tremendously. Located in Bellingham, Washington she has also built an incredible referral network of referral agents for clients moving into and out of the area.
  • Andrea Pettit- Located in Boise, Idaho, Andrea and her team do an amazing job connecting with clients.

You’ll receive:

Exclusive access to the interviews March 4-10

Private Facebook Community to continue the conversation

Easy, actionable ideas you can implement today.

Get access to the interviews from March 4 – 10

Discover things like:

Why social media works for some and not others

Why it’s critical to show up as yourself and how to do it

What to say at open houses to attract clients

Easy ways to stay in touch and add value that lead to referrals

Why doing the things you 'should do' but don't want to may be holding you back

How to build your buckets for a steady stream of clients

And it’s all FREE

This is the shot in the arm that your business needs.

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About Your Host: Nicole

Seasoned realtor and business mentor, Nicole, shares her secrets for achieving your goals AND enjoying life - at the same time! Having paved her own way in the industry, she knows what it means to define success on your terms and how to create a plan to achieve your goals, not by following a cookie cutter one-size-doesn’t-fit-all action plan. “I’ve been doing this for years. Willing to chart my own territory and be completely open and vulnerable along the way about what did and didn’t work and how it feels to be in a room full of powerhouses and claim my own definition of success. “ ~ Nicole



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