Best Practices From 2008

I had coffee recently with a group on Ninja Moms to brainstorm what worked and what didn’t in 2008.  There were some amazing tips and ideas that came out of that meeting.  Below  is a summary:What was the best thing you did in 2008?

~ Doing an 8 in 8 and making the calls at the end.  Erin mentioned that she did one 8 in 8 with the calls and had tremendous success with it.  She also mentioned that she has done several 8 in 8’s since but not made the calls and found them to be much less productive.
~ Contacting clients for their birthdays and anniversaries.  It might feel a bit weird to call people and ask them their birthday and anniversary date, but you will be surprised at the number of people that will gladly share it with you.  I always let them know that it is an all about you day so don’t worry about the year, that isn’t important.
~ Make it a point to stop by and see your clients at least once a year to touch base with them and see how they are doing.
~ Laura has had amazing success with doing unsolicited CMA’s and has had several listings come from it.  She does them 2 -3 times a year per client. Vicki, calls her clients ahead of time to say that she is doing the CMA and are there any updates they would like to have included and can she come over and see them.  Getting in front of her clients for this results in 50% of them giving her a referral!!!!  If she mails them out, they go in a silver mailing tube with a $100 Grand candy bar.
~ Sandi really allowed herself to spend more time with her kids and have more of a work life balance which has felt fantastic.
~ Teresa plans ALL facets of her week each Monday morning which makes things go much smoother
~ Stephanie has really been focused on breaking bread with people and getting face to face with them.
~ Hilary attributes one of the best things she did this year to hiring a part time assistant to do the in office things that take up so time and allow her to spend more time with her clients and kids.
~ Vicki also started what sounds like an amazing networking group of women owned businesses on Bainbridge. They meet every other week and are focused on giving each other referrals, but also they pick one business per meeting and really focus their energy on what can they do to help that person build and grow their business with some tremendous results.
~ Liz talked about the Thursday ninja call every week as offering a wealth of information and doing a lot to help keep her positive and on track.
~ For me, Nicole, it has been dusting off the funnel.  It helps me realize that I do have a lot going on and gives me a way to at a glance know where I am at with everyone.  To set this up in addition to filling in current clients I went through my database with the reasons of change sheet from the Ninja materials and included anyone that may have a real estate need in the next 12 months.  Some of these people will drop off, but it keeps me focused on the right things in the meantime. If you would like a copy of the funnel to get started or more information on any of the items mentioned in this post just send me an email at

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