The Secret Is Out…

work outOur boys are at sleep away camp on Orcas Island this week. (It’s good to be a kid these days!) So Gary and I are enjoying the extra time together.

If you have young kids, I’m sure you can relate. It’s the little things. We can go to dinner at the spur of the moment, we can work out together, we can stay up late talking about all those things that end up on the back burner and we never seem to get to. All things that normally take planning, child care and the syncing of work, personal and kids sports schedules to make sure there isn’t a conflict. Usually by then, we decide it just isn’t worth it.

While we can’t wait to snuggle the boys on Saturday and hear about all of their adventures, it’s been nice to relax a bit.

One of our dates was working out at the gym. Something we haven’t done together in a LONG time. My routine is to do some abs as a warm up and then lift weights. After doing my abs, Gary looked at me and said “that’s it ~ that’s pretty basic”.

Exactly. Basics combined with consistency gets results. In the gym, in business and life.

It’s the secret to success.

We always want to make it harder than it needs to be, or assume that there is some big complicated secret that we haven’t found yet.

Yes, there are newer things out there, and they do work. But they are not always necessary. Usually they create more barriers to taking action because there are so many extra steps involved.

A similar conversation came up in the office this week. An agent wanted to brainstorm all of these big ideas to generate business. Yes, there are lots of ways to do it, but before you go the big, expensive, time-consuming route, what if you called 2 people a day and sent a note card?

Master the basics before you move on to other things. Chances are, the basics are all you need any way.

That and consistency and you are ahead of 98% of everyone else.

It seems especially pertinent in summer, when we would all rather be playing anyway. Focus on what works, what has the highest return on investment and is the easiest to do.

The basics are not sexy, but the results are. 🙂

To your success!
PS: A number of you have asked about the fall mentorship group. Yes, we will be doing one. Stay tuned for dates and registration.

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