The Introverts Guide To Finding Clients

Real Estate is a contact sport. In order to sell properties, you need to connect with others. It makes sense, but if you are an introvert, it may be enough to have you re-thinking your career choice.

And yet, some of the most successful agents I know are introverts.

Being an introvert actually gives you some super powers:

  • You tend to be a great listener, which allows you to hone in on what your clients want beyond the basics like bedrooms and baths.

Extroverts, I love you too. Your super power is being able to talk to anyone. As an introvert myself, I’m always amazed at my extrovert friends and the conversations they start up with people they’ve never met.

Here are some great ways to find clients for introverts, and extroverts too:

  1. Start with who you know. Repeat and referral business is always the best place to start. And it’s more comfortable because you already have a relationship with them. Start connecting with FORD calls, getting together for coffee or providing market updates on their properties.
  2. Open houses. These are great because they keep you in the loop with the pace of the market which builds confidence and makes your real estate conversations easier. Plus, you are meeting people in a real estate setting, which increases the chance of them turning into a client sooner vs later.
  3. Find your tribe: As an introvert, meeting new people may be enough to make you hyperventilate. This is one of those times when you need to bite the bullet, and do it. So make it fun, and make it something that you are interested in. You can find clients anywhere. Rotary, running clubs, your book group, etc. The more connected you are with the group, the more successful it will be.

2 big things to note:

  1. As an introvert, being around people can drain your energy. It doesn’t have anything to do with liking people. You can have a wonderful time and adore everyone, but still come home feeling exhausted. Make sure you build in recovery time. Whether it’s time reading a book, taking a nap or a walk in nature. Finding a balance will help keep you from burn out.
  2. Whether you are an introvert or extravert, all of this takes time. Finding clients is a long term game. Rarely do you just show up to one event one time and walk away with clients. It’s about building relationships and providing value over time. Consistency is key.

So start now. Brainstorm 5 ways that you can connect with people this week, and make it happen. The more you reach out, the more comfortable the whole process will get.

To your success!

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