The Things They Don’t Say

I’m always amazed when a client starts a conversation with “I don’t want to bug you, but I had a question about …”

If they are worried about asking questions because they don’t want to bother us, what is it that they aren’t asking?

What are their concerns and pain points that they feel silly bringing up?

A big part of our job is to answer those questions, ideally before the client has to ask. It’s the difference between just getting it done, and having a client that is a raving fan because they felt cared for throughout the process.

Your assignment for today is to connect with each one of your clients. Check in with them, just to see how they are doing. Pro actively ask if they have questions. Or better yet, spend a few moments before you call to tune into where they are in their transaction. What are the typical stress points in that moment? Remember, just because they aren’t asking you about them, doesn’t mean they aren’t stressed about them.

For this one a call is infinitely more valuable than a text or email. You can hear and sense stress in a persons voice that you can’t in text.

It’s the little things that allow us to rise above and take greater care of our clients. Which leads to a stronger bond and makes things a whole lot more fun.

To your success!

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