Structure + Phone = Sanity & Sales

This has been our first full week of everyone at home and it’s been an interesting one.

2 factors seem to be in play. The first is feeling disconnected to the rest of the world. The second is that all of our structure evaporated overnight.

The being at home part is actually going great. Yes, it’s a lot of together time, but the mid afternoon Uno tournaments and twice daily walks on the trail have been nice.

Feeling disconnected from the rest of the world has been more difficult. Left to my own devices I can spiral in a hurry. Is the market slowing down? Are buyers getting cold feet? I was pretty much ready to write the next month off.

So I decided to stop emailing and texting whenever possible, and pick up the phone. There is value in hearing someone else’s voice. My commitment has been to call 3 people a day to check in and say hello. Some are clients, some are friends and family. For the first time ever – I’m actually embracing FORD calls. It’s been pretty powerful to just check in with everyone.

The other thing you can do if you find yourself starting to spiral is to track the pendings. It’s on the first page of the MLS. Each day it shows how many new listings come on and how many go under contract. The pendings are still very strong.

The structure we are still working on, but we are working on creating consistent things that we do each day:

  • Walking the dogs first thing in the morning
  • Homeschool / on the business time from 9:30-11:30 each day
  • Find a way to support a local business
  • Reaching out to connect and check in with people
  • Evening walks

I’m also setting a goal each week for something that’s been on my ‘to do’ list for a while and checking them off. This week was renewing my license. This weekend is my closet. Next week is evaluating my processes. I’ve had some great inspiration lately about processes that I’ll be sharing in next week’s blog.

To your success!

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