How Do You Connect?

I attended a lunch yesterday with the lender that I refer all of my clients to (Jackie Murphy with Cobalt Mortgage / cell: 425-260-6834 / email: and several other real estate agents that I really admire.  It was a wonderful time for us all to catch up with one another, but also to check in, see how business is going and what’s working.

One of the topics that came up is that in Real Estate, as with any job or business really, it is all about connecting with other people and truly getting to know them.  So we started chatting about various ways we connect with others.  One agent is involved in various networking groups, another is involved in several groups that support the community, another is just a social butterfly, another is very tech savvy and tends to do most of her business via the internet, etc.  So how do you get out there and connect with people?  What do you find to be most comfortable and productive?

One of the beautiful things about Real Estate is there are virtually a million different ways to be successful.  I know agents that are avid football fans and connect with their clients at tailgates and parties during football season, others have dinner clubs that meet monthly, some agents are involved in sports that puts them in touch with people, for others its bunko and book clubs.  The bottom line is you should be doing whatever it is you truly enjoy and genuinely be yourself when you are there.  So what are you passionate about that allows you to connect with others?

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