Sometimes Doing Nothing May Be The Best Plan Of Action

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day who is in the process of dissolving a business partnership that just hasn’t worked out.  She was frustrated with having to spend additional money on attorneys fees and not getting anywhere with tying up all of the loose ends with her partner.  So I started thinking, maybe the best course of action is to do absolutely nothing.  There isn’t any money coming into the business and even though technically they are still business partners, if there isn’t a business to run, who cares if it takes a month or a year to dissolve it?  Maybe it is the pushing against her old partner that is making her fight so hard.  Maybe just walking away will release the stress and resistance and allow the other person to see things more clearly.

If you have read much on this blog, you know that I am an action oriented person but when you feel like you are pushing too hard to make something happen, usually the best thing to do is to back away.  It will either go away and something else with come along or it will end up working itself out.

Also, in any negotiation, the one who talks first looses.  I have spent many a negotiation sitting on my hands so that I will not call the other party first.  I know that they will get back to me eventually, but I SO want to know the answer sooner versus later.  The trouble with calling the other person first ,though, is that weather you are calling your client or another agent, the person to pick up the phone is usually on defense which means the other person is on offense.  Offense is so much better than defense!

So chill out the next time the negotiations get a little rocky and just wait to see what the other person comes up with.  You might be surprised.

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