An Awesome Insight

I was reading the recent edition of The Residential Specialist, which is the magazine that the CRS group sends out and they have a fantastic interview with Marcia Kies who is an agent in Lake Oswego, Oregon.  Marcia had a lot of great insights on the market and how she runs her business, but there was one quote in particular that really stood out for me, which is:

“I think people forget that information is not knowledge, and knowledge is not wisdom.”That is so true!  When you are articulating your value to a client THIS is what it is all about.  Yes, the public has access to more information than ever today regarding the homes that are on the market and others that have sold.  However, it is the interpretation of that data which matters. (The wisdom part)  So the next time your client asks you why they should hire you rather than go it alone, let them know that it is your wisdom in the Real Estate market will make all of the difference in achieving their goals.

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