Just Remember It Was All Difficult Once

Alex, our oldest started kindergarten today.  It is such a big and exciting day.  He was so darn cute this morning with his back pack on and ready to start his new adventure.  I must admit, though, that I think it had a bigger impact on me than it did him.  He was excited, but for me it is just such a momentous occasion.  We are now parents of a school age child and will our schedules will be ruled by the school calendar for a very long time.  It’s new friends and new beginnings and homework and all sorts of other things, and to realize that we have been parents for 5 years now!

As I was laying in bed this morning I started thinking about all of the milestones that have happened so far and the image that popped into my head was of Alex when he was learning how to jump.  It NEVER occurred to me that jumping was an ability separate from standing and walking and something to be learned on it’s own.  I remember laughing as Alex would try jumping but not quite get his feet off the ground and then the excited look he had when his feet actually left the ground and he was airborne.Very cute!

It got me thinking though, really nothing is easy in the beginning.  Even something that you take for granted now, like jumping.  It is true, ignorance really is bliss.  When you are little, you don’t know that things are difficult or that it can be frustrating to try and try and not succeed at something.  You just decide that jumping is what you want to do and you practice until it happens and now all these years later, you can’t imagine it taking effort to jump, you just do it.

What are you working on right now that feels difficult?  Don’t give up.  Keep working at it.  Focus on the end result and why you want it.  You may not believe it now, but someday it will be as easy as jumping.

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  1. StephanieK on September 3, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Thanks for your encouragement Nicole. Getting back to school and back into the routine has been a little bumpier with an emotional tween and her first year in middle school. We’ll get there though. All the best, SK

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