You Can Find Great Ideas In The Most Random Places

This is one of those posts about being present.  It is easy to get so caught up in checking things off the to do list that you are not paying attention to where you actually are.  I admit it, I have had days where I dreaded running into someone that I know because catching up would mean adding information into my already overloaded brain and I wasn’t sure that I could handle that.  So I would rush around here and there but not connect with anyone along the way.

However, you might be surprised at what you are missing.  Not only is it fun, but the solutions that you are looking for might be right under your nose.

Case in point, I have been doing some teaching for Windermere, the real estate company that I work with.  I absolutely love it, but at the same time feel that there is always room for improvement where my presentation skills are involved.  I have found that my main issue is that I speak and think so quickly that I really work to slow my speech pattern down when I am teaching a class which causes me to loose my train of thought because my brain is way ahead of where my mouth is.   Obviously the only way to get better is to do more of it.  I was chatting with a friend a few months ago who said that she had joined Toastmasters and was really liking it.  That was the idea that I needed!  One of my motos for the year has been that when something catches my attention to act on it.  So in this case I joined a Toastmasters group and have been having great fun with it.  I’m still trying to get my brain and mouth on the same train, but it’s better.

Another is that fabulous time sucker facebook.  I must admit to logging on there fairly regularly to see what the rest of the world is up to and waste time.  Is it just me, or does everyone else on there seem to be living a much more exotic life that me?  Either way, people post some other things on there too that can be pretty interesting.  One of my ‘friends’ posted on their one day that she had started Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University classes.  Again, for whatever reason it caught be on the right day and as a result I have read some of his books and will start taking the class soon as well.  It is just the extra insight and guidance that Gary and I need to keep us on track.

So the moral of the story is to be present in whatever you do.  You never know where your next great idea will come from.

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