An Update And Twist On The Client Happy Hours

Kelly, a fellow agent in the Seattle area shared with us a few weeks ago, her system for doing quarterly happy hours with her clients.  It started as an opportunity for her clients to swing by, say hello and get any Real Estate of lending questions answered in the meantime.  Her first few were very successful, but they were starting to notice a drop off in attendance.  Kelly and her team, ever the innovators came up with a great twist and way to keep things fresh.  They decided to turn the happy hours into a networking event for their clients that owned their own businesses.  They just had their first one last night and here is the note that Kelly sent me as a result:

Hi Nicole! Hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to let you know that our networking social idea was a huge hit. We had 35-40 people there (an estimate) which was way more than we expected. We paid for a bunch of appetizers and passed out a drink coupon to each person that came (the bar just ran a tab for us if people brought a coupon to them). Although everyone was welcome to bring business cards and brochures to promote themselves, we highlighted one business at the event and also promoted that business in our e-newsletter. That person paid $75 up front toward our bill at the restaurant and the 4 of us (yes, we now hove 4 of us instead of 3) split the rest of the bill. It cost each of us $76 for the evening – totally worth it!! We’ve decided to do them monthly (although we’re skipping December since it’s a crazy month for most people). Hopefully we get a lot of people returning as well as new people. I even got a message on my wall on Face book from some friends/clients that want to be a part of it. So cool – I just had to share.

Congratulations Kelly on such a successful event!

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