Be Spontaneous

This past weekend was the Thanksgiving holiday and I must say, it was probably the best one that I have ever had.  We did lots of great things.  I checked out the Macy’s parade on Friday morning which was incredibly cool, we went downtown Seattle as a family for the tree lighting and rode the carousel with the boys, on Saturday we did the tree lighting with friends in Kirkland and then had an impromptu party at our house and Sunday we spent the day decorating the house and finished it all off with a ride on the Santa train.  How fun!  The best part is that we hadn’t planned any of it!

We are all so scheduled anymore.  Doing things isn’t always about enjoying what you  are doing, but rather checking something off the list so that you can say you did it.  Perfectly acceptable at times, but not always the best plan when you are trying to have QUALITY time with your family.  There is a time and place for time blocking and categorizing your life, but be sure to leave room for spontaneity.  If we had planned all of those activities ahead of time and put them on the calendar I guarantee you they would not have happened.  Some of those things have been on my list of holiday activities for years and this is the first time I have ever done them.  Sometimes when things are scheduled out they feel too forced.  That, and our kids are still young enough that guaranteed if we plan to do something at a certain time on the weekend someone will not nap when they are supposed to or something else will happen to throw the whole thing off.  Having it on the schedule also creates too much expectation at times and then I find that we are all just trying to make sure the experience lives up to whatever it is supposed to be which it usually never does.  This past weekend we just did whatever sounded like fun and enjoyed it along the way.

So while I know scheduling is vitally important to getting it all done as a working mom, don’t be afraid to set the schedule aside for a bit and see what happens.

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