Don’t Quit Just Short Of Your Goal

We were at a new park over the weekend that had a fireman’s pole for the kids to slide down.  Alex was really nervous about reaching out to the pole and then swinging his legs over.  He was afraid that he would fall and so would reach out half heartedly and wouldn’t swing his legs over.  I helped him a few times  and he had a blast sliding down the pole, but was not loving the beginning part and starting to get a bit whinny quite frankly.  So I asked him to try it 3 more times and if he did that I promised he would have it figured out and would love it.  Sure enough, the first time he was really timid, the second time he thought about giving up but the third time, HE GOT IT!   Not only did he do it, but he had the biggest smile on his face and jumped around the park saying how much fun it was and even how easy.

The next day I was out for a run which for me still includes breaking it up with short portions that I walk as I build up my endurance.  Each time that I would set a target for myself to run to I found myself stopping just a few steps short.  Maybe it was just one or two steps, but the point is I wasn’t reaching my goal.

How often do we all do that in life?  We set a goal with good intentions, set about moving towards it only to stop a few feet short and never realize the joy of achieving something that we set out to do.  We have a saying in our house that even our kids know which is, ‘forward motion at all times’.  DO NOT give up on your goals, chances are you are closer than you think and the pay off may even be bigger than you had imagined.  Just remember to move forward  a bit each day and you will be surprised how quickly you get to your goal.

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