From Good To Great, How To Rock Your Clients’ Experience

There are a lot of agents doing the right things in their business, but not getting the results they want.  I see it every day and the frustration that ensues.

Why is it that two different agents can seemingly do the exact same things, and yet get very different results?

This is a topic that fascinates me, and something that I have been playing close attention to in the last few years.  What I have found is that there are nuances to how and when agents do things which affect the outcome.

Here is an example of what I mean:

I showed a Buyer some properties on Monday and at the end of our time together we decided to meet on Thursday if anything new came up.  I told her that I would touch base on Wednesday to let her know if there were any new properties to see.

It is a very common scenario in real estate, but here is what I realized:

  • The average agent would wait until Thursday morning to call.
  • The good agent would get back to her at the end of the day on Wednesday.
  • The GREAT agent would realize that the client is spending all day Wednesday in a holding pattern not knowing if she can make plans for Thursday and would contact her by noon on Wednesday, so that if nothing was available she still had time to make plans.

Can you see the difference and how it impacts the client experience? The same number of contacts are made and the same information is delivered, it’s how and when that makes the difference.

The first two scenarios will get you paid when the client purchases a property, but the last one makes them feel taken care of in such a way that not only do you get paid, but you also get referrals down the road.

What are other areas in your business where you can make small changes like this to yield a big impact?

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