Facebook Your Way To A Million Dollars

networking photoIt’s amazing how much time is spent on social media. Connecting with others has never been so much fun. Yet somewhere along the way, people got confused about the true role it plays in networking and building a business.

There are courses that teach social media as the golden ticket to success.

It’s important, but you are not going to make a million dollars spending the rest of your life in your pajamas doing facebook posts and hitting the “like” button.

They left out a key part of the equation:

Success still comes from connecting face to face. At the end of the day, nothing beats live interaction. We crave it.

Whenever I attend a conference it amazes me how early people show up for the networking portion and how hard it is to get them into their seats for the speakers. Yes, they came to learn, but what they really came for is to connect.

Facebook, and all forms of social media, have provided an amazing vehicle to stay current on peoples lives in ways we couldn’t before. It’s also a much faster way to establish common bonds with shared friends, interests, etc.

You start making money with social media when you use these connections and updates for reasons to get together.  Sending someone a “Happy Birthday” post is not the same as calling them and inviting them to coffee.  The beauty of social media is that it’s now much easier to stay on top of those things.

Have fun with it. Make it a goal each day that you are on social media to find a reason to schedule an appointment with someone. It doesn’t have to be business related, but it does need to be live and in person.



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