Stop White Knuckling ~ Answers Show Up When You Least Expect It.

obstaclesHave you ever tried to figure something out and just couldn’t? What did you do?

Did you try harder, hoping you could force the answer to show up? Did it work?

I’ve been going through this with writing blog posts lately. Sometimes I’m inspired and the words flow beautifully. Other times my mind goes blank and I can’t think of anything to say. The harder I try, the blanker my mind becomes.

It got to the point that I had lost all ability to come up a blog topic, and was completely entrenched in the fact that I couldn’t think of anything. Sure enough, what you focus on expands.

Then I had a conversation with my good friend, Stephanie. We were chatting about the Women’s Council of Realtors, our kids, and summer. In that conversation we talked about being busy, being intentional and how all things change during the summer with managing work, family and vacations.

From that 10 minute phone call came 5 great blog topics!

So why did that work? Because I was relaxed and not focused on my blog. It got me out of worrying about what to say and allowed the light bulb moments to happen.

It happens to me a lot. When I’m working really hard on a solution, I can’t figure it out. When I give myself some space, the answers start flowing.

So if you are feeling stuck, trust that the answers are out there. Try to loosen your grip on the need to find the answer right now. As you start to relax the answers will show up.


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