It’s Working, Can I Stop Now?

momentumCan you tell that January’s theme is momentum?

You did something in your business, it worked, and now you want to stop doing it.

Weird, right?

And yet, any one who’s has been an agent for more than 5 years has at least one story like that.

  • I used to call my clients regularly, it always brought in referrals, and then I stopped doing it.
  • I used to farm a neighborhood, and sold 5 or 6 homes a year there, until I stopped doing it.
  • I used to be great about getting face to face with people, until I got sidetracked and stopped doing it.

Been there? Done that?

We all have. In fact, I caught myself with that same thought this morning. My 3 weeks of consistent phone calls and note cards have paid off. I’ve got 4 listing appointments scheduled, and 2 new buyers ready to go.

Imagine if I kept that up? I could double my business, and then some, this year.

Yet, as I looked at my schedule today I thought, I’m pretty busy, maybe I’ll skip my phone calls and note cards.

Insert sound of breaks squealing.

Why on earth would I stop doing what’s working? Aside from having a full schedule, which by the way is a cop-out. I can make 3 phone calls AND write a note card in 30 minutes or less, even when the clients answer the phone. You can always find 30 minutes in a day, if you decide it’s important to you.

Here are the main reasons we fall off track:
  • You lack consistency. What is easy to do is just as easy not to do
  • You don’t have systems in place to manage your time. You are stuck taking care of the urgent at the expense of things that are important.
  • You start to push up against your own glass ceiling

Here are 3 tips to keep you going:

  1. Set up rituals. Mark time to make your calls, or what ever it is you do to bring in business.
  2. Keep a journal of your actions and results so that you can start seeing the correlation.
  3. Find someone to hold you accountable.

Consistency leads to momentum.

Everything is easier when you have momentum on your side.

Small actions yield big results.

What one thing, if you were consistent with it would make the biggest difference in your business?

To your success!

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