Wrangling Your Database, Stop Overthinking It

The one universal “to do” on every agent’s list is their database.

Many agent’s end up in a state of¬†analysis paralysis about which program to use, how to get people in there, and what to do once you’ve got them there.

Here’s a quick and dirty over view;

Your database will never be perfect.

It’s always in motion. This is definitely where imperfect action beats perfect planning.

How do I get people in there and update it over time?

I track my new client calls in Evernote so that I can tell how many leads I receive each month. Before I do a mailing I cross reference with that list to make sure they are in my database, and check my closings to see who needs to be updated.

How do I stay in touch with them?

Monthly postcards. It’s a mix of real estate stats, evidence of success, and personal fun.

Weekly tracking

Use your database to create your weekly task list of calls, cards and lunches

You can go into a lot more detail, but it’s all about forward motion. Get something rolling, and see what works.

To your success!

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