The Power of the Pause

Holy Real Estate markets! I’m pretty sure this would be Robin’s take on the market if he and Batman were agents.

Last year was a tight market, with fewer listings and higher appreciation rates than the year before. Sure enough, the stats just came out for January of 2018 showing even fewer listings than 2017. Each year it seems like the inventory gets tighter, and prices go up faster.

When things are rocking and rolling, it’s great. The pace of the market is invigorating. But there is also a lot of opportunity for fear to creep in.

Case in point:

You’re working with a buyer, and all of a sudden they aren’t calling you back. You’ve sent them several listings, and are trying to schedule a time to see them this weekend, and it’s silence on the other end.

I’ll be the first to admit, that my default response is a fearful one.

Are they working with another agent? Did they already buy something? etc.

That fear can affect how I interact with them going forward, and if I reach out to them again at all.

Enter the pause.

The Pause, is that moment between when something happens and when you react to it.

In that moment, you are able to see things differently, and therefore respond differently.

In the case of the Buyer whose missing in action, it means noticing that they aren’t responding, and even noticing your fear around that. After all, you feel the way you feel. This isn’t about making the feeling wrong, or training yourself to not feel that way.

It’s about noticing it, but also realizing that there are more possibilities at play.

Maybe your client had a family emergency, or is busy at work. Or maybe they are just trying to wrap their head around the market.

Either way, there are many scenarios that have nothing to do with you, and would benefit from compassion vs fear and lack.

Mastering the pause isn’t always easy, but it can be life changing.

Set your intention for today to notice your reaction to things as you go through the day. Maybe it’s the person in front of you at Starbucks that takes forever to order when you are running late to an appointment, or an offer review that doesn’t go your way. Notice how you feel, and then pause before you react.

Will this reaction help or hurt the situation?

Is there another possibility in play?

How can you respond differently?

Compassion and grace open the door to so many things. More sales, deeper relationships, and a lot more fun.

To your success!

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