Be Yourself Sounds Great For Others, But Will It Work For You?

It’s business planning season. October is the new January.

The Fall and Holiday seasons offer lots of great opportunities to connect. Doing so with a little intention can help you eek out a few more sales in 2018, and set you up for a busy first half of 2019.

With business planning comes working on your marketing as well as your brand messaging.

If you’re like me, you love the idea of this, but getting down into it can be downright overwhelming. How do you create a unique brand story that catapults you to success?

After all, what do you really have to offer? And how can you convey that in a catchy tag line or fancy logo?

Of course it can be done. Others around you have done it, and it seems to work magically for them, right?

But what’s your thing? What’s your secret sauce that guarantees your success?

First of all – Stop overthinking things. Stop trying to be all things to all people. And stop comparing yourself to others.

Trust that you are of value.

Know that your clients need you.

Believe that you are different.

Stop worrying about how to wordsmith everything, and just show up as you.

Wondering what that looks like in real life?

  • Remember, clients have access to information, they pay you for wisdom and knowledge. Take the time to think through the scenario at hand and combine that with your knowledge of the market to create a unique solution for that client.
  • In every marketing piece that you write, whether it’s social media, a postcard, or something else, seek to connect. Why is this important for them? Or why does it matter deeply to you? It’s not about the call to action, it’s about the connection.
  • Know that some people will be a great fit for you, and others will not. That’s okay. You were never meant to work with everyone. Just the clients that are right for you. And trust me, there are more than enough of them for you to have a wildly successful business.

With all of this, focus on consistency. It is in showing up as you day after day that confidence is built. Your confidence in yourself, and your client’s confidence in you. That is where success comes from.

To your success!

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