Remember That Boss You Didn’t Want?

Let’s be honest, if we wanted to answer to someone on a regular basis and constantly be told what to do, we wouldn’t be in real estate.

Regular accountability – someone telling us what to do and consequences for when we don’t. Who wants that?

It’s the blessing and the curse of running your own business. You can do, or not do, whatever you want.

The difference between autonomy and isolation is a fine line, though. Autonomy – the freedom to do it your way is great, as long as you are getting the results you want. If you are struggling though, or not reaching your goals, this whole “do your own thing” can feel a lot more like isolation.

I had this conversation with an agent recently who didn’t want to do coaching, because it felt too much like having a boss. Yet, they were not selling as many houses as they wanted each year. I get it, no one wants to be told what to do, or more importantly have someone highlight what will feel like shortcomings.

Sometimes we need help to get out of our own way, though. In the beginning change can be difficult, and sometimes it’s easier to change for someone else than it is ourselves.

It’s hardest to see our own solutions. Especially when the answers involve getting a little uncomfortable. But it is the fastest and surest path to success.

Is it time to get a boss? Look for someone that you equally respect and are motivated to perform for. They need to be someone who won’t let you off the hook.

Excuses are real and valid. But the only way to change is to do the work.

So consider this your gentle nudge, or a healthy dose of tough love. Go into the 4th quarter strong with someone in place to hold you accountable.

To your success!

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