Sometimes You Need ALL of The Minutes

Wow! How about those Seahawks? Football fan or not, Monday’s game against the 49’ers was one for the record books.

Talk about excitement – to win in the last second of overtime is amazing.

There were some great takeaways from that game. The biggest one of which is – sometimes you need ALL of the minutes allowed.

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away. It’s easy to write off the last few weeks of the year as we get distracted with our own personal lives and our clients start to do the same.

But there is still time left to make things happen. Don’t give up or make assumptions about what will or won’t happen.

Here are some great ways to maximize the rest of the year:

  • Mark the time you want to take off in your calendar. We all need time off, just be clear about when you are and aren’t working.
  • Next decide what days you are going to work. It’s not always about working more days, it’s about making the days you work count.
  • Find ways to connect – it’s all about FLOW and this time of year it gets a lot easier because there are so many things going on.
  • Look at your systems and presentation materials. This is a great time of year to update them if you aren’t super busy.
  • Spend some time getting clear on your ideal client and ways to connect with them.

If you check out now assuming you will get back to it in January you are going to be in for a rough 2020. I can pretty much guarantee (from experience unfortunately) that it takes longer to ramp back up than we think it does. Which means it will be March before you feel like you have any traction.

So have some fun and use your minutes.

To your success!

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