Awareness + Action, The Ultimate Combo For Your Next Phase

One of the blessings from all of this is space. As our schedules lightened up, it provided the space to be present in daily life, and the option to do things differently.

We are often busy going through the motions of life to “just get it done”. There isn’t an opportunity for the awareness of whether things are beneficial, or in need of change. In fact, we tend to shut down awareness, because in theory it should lead to action. And that feels like too much to ask.

Now we have the benefit of time for both.

Awareness is the ability to ask yourself:

Is this adding to my life or taking away from it?
Is it helping me to connect with clients?
Will it help me sell a house?
Is this really how I want to spend my time, money, and energy?

From awareness comes action.

One of the things I’m loving right now is how much simpler things are, and how much we are enjoying connection. I went for a bike ride with some friends the other day and as we sat on the patio afterwards, one of my girlfriends commented that she is really enjoying that things have shifted to enjoying a glass of water on the patio vs feeling like everything needs to be an “event” with the right food, outfit, wine, etc.

It feels good to remember that getting together is about laughter, not worrying about whether you’ve mastered your wine pairing.

If you are enjoying things being a little simpler right now, what actions can you take to keep that going moving forward?

How can you apply it to your business?

To your success!

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