Asking For Help Makes You A Better Agent

It’s easy to confuse “being the expert” with “having all of the answers”.

Yesterday I taught a class on working with Buyers to mostly new agents. Something that always comes up is: What is your value proposition when you are new?

It’s a fair question, but one that we give far too much weight to.

When answering the question: “Why should we work with you”? It’s a natural assumption that the answer should be – “Because I know all of the answers. I’m the expert”.

And yes, with more time in the market you will know more answers inherently. But what if that was only part of your value? What if an even bigger portion of it is knowing who you can call?

It happens to all of us, but especially when we are new at something. We are afraid to ask for help because we don’t want to seem inexperienced. We are afraid it makes us weak.

After 24 years of selling real estate I reach out to other brokers now more than ever. For every listing that I market and every contract I write for a buyer I usually call at least one other agent with a listing in the area to pick their brain. How was their activity? What was the feedback? Are there any nuances to the number and types of offers that would be noteworthy and not readily able to determine just from looking at the listing notes?

Each phone call offers something valuable that I couldn’t have known regardless of how many years I’ve been in the business. I’m always grateful to the agents who are so willing to share information. And a side bonus, it helps build your relationships within the community. Another important thing to do.

What if being the expert meant showing up ready to collaborate vs trying to figure everything out ourselves?

Together we all get better. So don’t worry if you are new to real estate or have been selling for 30 years. Make the call. Your clients will appreciate it and you get better results.

To your success!

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