Valentines Day Love For Your Clients

Valentines Day is Sunday so this weeks post is all about “loving on your clients” as the great Terri Johnson would say.

All good relationships start with communication. It’s free, it makes a huge impact, and it’s often the one thing we forget to do. Or don’t do enough of. We get so busy working on things behind the scenes that we forget to communicate and check in with our clients. It’s the classic easy to do – easy not to do scenario. But it’s a huge opportunity to create a point of difference.

Here are some powerful communication opportunities that many agents miss:

For Buyers:

  • Call them every week – even when nothing has come on the market. It let’s them know you are still there and working for them.
  • Let them know you’ve reached out to your network of agents, neighbors and homeowners and are being pro active. It tells them that they matter, and you are here to help.
  • Acknowledge the market, don’t apologize for it and empower them to participate. This is a big one right now. It’s rough out there for buyers, but knowing they have someone on their side helps, especially when you can empower them so that they don’t feel so beat up.

For Sellers:

  • After the listing goes live – send them exciting notes about the showing time appointments. All sellers want the magical experience of multiple offers and an amazing sales price. They realize that to get that they need market exposure, which takes time. But when they don’t have an offer 6 hours after going on the market they panic and are ready to accept the first thing that comes across. Keeping sellers updated on showing activity and agent calls helps to build excitement and reduce panic so that they can stay the course.
  • Bring flowers for the front yard and porch. This is one of my favorite things to do. It’s easy and takes something off their list. I pick some up on my way to meet the photographer so that they are fresh and ready to go. Home Depot and Fred Meyer are my favorite spots to find them.
  • Keep reminding them that you have resources for everything. You are there to project manage and schedule whatever needs to be done. Their only job is to pack and move. Don’t underestimate the power of this one!

And it goes without saying – adding FORD to every conversation makes a difference. Did you send a text that the appraisal is in, or did you take 3 minutes to make a phone call, ask them how their day was and if they needed any extra boxes for packing before updating them on the appraisal? How you deliver the information matters just as much as it is.

What about you? How do you set yourself apart and Love on your clients?

To your success!

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