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The Introverts Guide To Finding Clients

By Nicole Mangina | Feb 8, 2019

Real Estate is a contact sport. In order to sell properties, you need to connect with others. It makes sense, but if you are an introvert, it may be enough to have you re-thinking your career choice. And yet, some of the most successful agents I know are introverts. Being an introvert actually gives you…

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Consulting vs Closing: The Secret To Happier Clients and More Referrals

By Nicole Mangina | Feb 1, 2019

I taught a class about working with Sellers the other day, and there were some great discussions. We focused on how to market properties and serve our clients when homes don’t sell in a weekend with multiple offers. One of the key things that came up was the concept of – consulting with our clients…

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What If The Contingency Plan IS The Plan

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 24, 2019

You’ve heard it before…Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans Rarely does a week go the way I thought it would. Each Monday I diligently map out my schedule, and then a client wants to list their house and we need to schedule the cleaner / stager / etc, a buyer…

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The Dirty Little Secret of Not Showing Up

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 18, 2019

Real estate is a contact sport. But you knew that already. The tricky part is that sometimes showing up isn’t convenient, or it’s outside of our comfort zone. So we skip the meeting, or making our phone calls – just this once. We’ll get to it later. And then we realize that the world didn’t…

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How You Start Determines How You Finish

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 14, 2019

Whew! Last week was a tough one. I went down with a cold, which is why last Friday’s post is now a Monday post. It works great for today’s topic, though. The Marketing + Systems = Success mentorship group is shaping up to be on of our most dynamic groups yet. (We start on the…

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3 Days Left For Mentorship Bonuses!

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 4, 2019

Welcome to the first Friday of 2019! Here’s to making every day count, and paving the way to an awesome year. When I opened the doors to the Marketing + Systems = Success mentorship group in December, I wasn’t sure how it would go. It was right before Christmas, and my thought was people would…

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Need Help Setting Goals? These 7 Tricks Will Help

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 1, 2019

Welcome to 2019! I love New Years Day – even more than New Years Eve. The entire year is ahead of you, filled with promise and potential. Whether you call them goals or resolutions, todays the day to set the tone for the next 365 days. Studies show that the majority of people set resolutions,…

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Can 90 Days Really Affect Your Whole Year?

By Nicole Mangina | Dec 27, 2018

After all, 90 days goes by quickly. It’s only 25% of the entire year. How can such a small sliver make that big of a difference? In a nutshell – You are less likely to be derailed, and more likely to see results faster. When you have the whole year ahead of you it’s pretty…

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Merry Christmas to You, The 2019 Mentorship Group Is Open – with 2 Awesome Bonuses

By Nicole Mangina | Dec 20, 2018

Woohoo! I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am to be back with the mentorship group. And just in time for the holidays. This can be a funky time, personally and professionally. Whether you are enjoying the season and soaking it all in, or hibernating, waiting for it to all be over…

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