The Process vs The Event, Making Them Both Count

By Nicole Mangina | Mar 27, 2020

With the shelter in place order that came out this week, chances are you’ve got some extra time in your schedule. It’s a perfect time to work on your business, since we can’t really work in it right now. The “Disney experience” is legendary and serves as a model for many businesses. When we were…

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Structure + Phone = Sanity & Sales

By Nicole Mangina | Mar 21, 2020

This has been our first full week of everyone at home and it’s been an interesting one. 2 factors seem to be in play. The first is feeling disconnected to the rest of the world. The second is that all of our structure evaporated overnight. The being at home part is actually going great. Yes,…

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When It Feels Like A Snow Day, But Isn’t

By Nicole Mangina | Mar 13, 2020

That escalated quickly! We went from wash your hands to schools are closed for 6 weeks and we are all supposed to work from home and avoid social situations. You know things are getting serious when Disneyland closes! It will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I am incredibly grateful right now…

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Don’t Worry About Other People’s Busy Or That You’re Missing The Market

By Nicole Mangina | Feb 28, 2020

You’ve heard the phrase before – You do You. It sounds good, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. Like right now. Everyone is talking about how busy the market is. It’s in the news, clients are talking about it. If you ask an agent how they are doing, they will likely answer “crazy busy”.…

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Positioning vs Presenting Your Offer

By Nicole Mangina | Feb 14, 2020

Review dates are back. It’s time for Buyers to bring their A game. When it’s just your offer it’s about presenting your Buyer in the best way possible. When there are multiples, it’s more about positioning your client and their offer relative to everyone else’s. Price matters, but when there are multiple offers – the…

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How Can You Add Value Today?

By Nicole Mangina | Feb 7, 2020

The great Zig Ziglar said: “You can have anything in life you want, if you help other people get what they want.” Make this your mantra today and every day. It goes back to last week’s post about the book Simply Said and focusing on the outcome you want for the other person more than…

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My New Favorite Book – Simply Said

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 31, 2020

Part of my focus for this year is to read more. By the way, I’m loving getting library books on my Kindle. It’s super easy and keeps me motivated to finish the book because I only have access to it for a limited time. A quick read that everyone can benefit from is Simply Said…

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5 Tips To Make Ninja, Or Any Plan Easier To Implement

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 24, 2020

Last week, or actually 2 weeks ago (I skipped last week because of the snow) we talked about having a plan going into the New Year. Getting a plan is the first step, implementing it is another thing all together. Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of your plan: Go…

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Find A Plan – Work The Plan

By Nicole Mangina | Jan 9, 2020

It’s the first work week of 2020. Are you crushing it? In my perfect world, I would put all of my sales for the next 12 months into escrow right now. All with 30 days closes, and then I’d spend the rest of the year on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun. The reality…

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