The Phrase That Pays: Part 2

By Nicole Mangina | Oct 17, 2019

I loved reading your responses to last week’s post! It’s amazing what a difference 2 little words can make. What if statements are designed to dissolve resistance and open you up to possibilities. From that state it’s easier to see options that were hidden before. This week it’s all about owning your ability to create.…

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The Phrase That Pays: Part 1

By Nicole Mangina | Oct 11, 2019

The 4th quarter is the new 1st quarter when it comes to mapping out goals and creating a plan. As we roll into conference / goal setting season I wanted to share a phrase that has made a huge difference. If you are like a lot of people (me included) these events can be inspiring…

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The Downside of Waiting For Things To Happen

By Nicole Mangina | Oct 3, 2019

I’ve been guilty of this lately. My normal MO is to decide I want something, and then take action. In many cases, the creating is half the fun. It’s always interesting to see the magical way things come together. But lately I’ve been putting off taking action while I wait to see what the market…

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Remember That Boss You Didn’t Want?

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 28, 2019

Let’s be honest, if we wanted to answer to someone on a regular basis and constantly be told what to do, we wouldn’t be in real estate. Regular accountability – someone telling us what to do and consequences for when we don’t. Who wants that? It’s the blessing and the curse of running your own…

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What Happens When You Compete for Clients?

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 20, 2019

Even with a referral based business, potential clients interview multiple agents about 50% of the time. I recently competed for a listing and then for a buyer. In both cases it was interesting to notice my thoughts and emotions as I went through the process. Usually competing doesn’t phase me, but I found doubt starting…

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Making Decisions a Daily Habit – Know Your Process

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 13, 2019

In keeping with last week’s – lessons learned from our remodel – today’s topic is decision making. (We are almost there!) More importantly YOUR decision making process, identifying it, owning it and trusting it. Picking paint and carpet before listing a property is easy. Putting together paint, counter tops, a back splash, cabinet pulls, faucets,…

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It’s Okay To Want Something Different

By Nicole Mangina | Sep 6, 2019

I posted this picture a few weeks ago before embarking on a kitchen remodel, and the comments amazed me. Many asked why we were changing something that already looked pretty good. I have to admit second guessing myself a bit as well. Once the clutter was cleared off the counter, it didn’t look that bad.…

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Transitions, Awkwardness, and Finishing Strong in The 4th Quarter

By Nicole Mangina | Aug 16, 2019

If you have kids at home, the middle of August marks the transition from summer to back to school. Days are filled with tasks vs adventures. Translation – less days at the lake and more days at the dentist. It’s also a time when, at least for me, when my brain starts thinking more about…

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Whose In Your Corner?

By Nicole Mangina | Aug 8, 2019

We’ve been in Cooperstown, New York for the last week while Ryan played a baseball tournament. We watched baseball, visited the Hall of Fame and checked out the beautiful countryside and small towns. The week has been filled with so many memories, one of which was Ryan hitting his first over the fence home run…

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