Workin’ For A Livin’

I am behind on my blog posts for the week!  Not for lack of thinking about it though.  This was one of those weeks where everything came together at the end but every one of my transactions took a lot of massaging this week.  Loan issues, negotiation issues, you name it, it happened this week.  I definitely earned every penny that I made this week. TGIF!

I am happy to report that my first Friday of the summer with the boys was a huge success though.  I committed to Ryan and Alex that I would take Friday’s off through the summer and that we would go on adventures.  Today was our Windermere Community Service day.  For a while I was stressed out thinking that if I went to community service day that I would have to flake out on the boys or did I flake out on my commitment to my office and the community and do something else with the boys?  It’s always a really fun day.  As an office we work at a place called Little Bit Stables where they do riding lessons and physical therapy for disabled children.  We go in 2 weeks before their big show and clean, fix and paint all sorts of things so that the place really shines and the kids feel extra special when they are doing their thing.  Not sure what to do, I decided to roll the dice and combine the two.  When I first told Alex that we were going to Little Bit riding stables and that there would be horses to pet and that we would be helping to paint things he immediately exclaimed ‘we get to paint horses’?  Hmmm, this could be interesting.

It turned out to be a great day.  I laid the ground rules right away which really was only one rule ~ no painting your brother, and we did just fine.  The boys had never seen a horse before so that was lots of fun.  It was cute to watch them walk hand in hand down the isle between the stalls and looking at the horses.  They did manage to cover themselves with paint, but it was nothing that a little extra scrubbing in the bath couldn’t handle afterwards.

So our first fun Friday was a success.  Now to come up with something fun for next week!

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