I Am So Grateful For What I Do!

Yes, the spastic schedule of a Realtor can be a bit much at times, but when you really need it, being self employed is the ONLY way to go.  Ryan, our 2 year old was sick and out of school the entire week last week.  Taking a day off here or there for something is usually pretty easy for me to recover from but to find out at 9:30 on Monday morning that oh by the way, this is a vacation week for you?  It definitely through me for a loop.  I can tell you, though, that being in real estate made it perfect.  I didn’t have to check with my boss to see if I could take time off, or worry about burning vacation days.  It was something where no questions asked, family came first and I was off for the week.

I still got the work done that needed to be.  I would catch up on phone calls and emails while he was napping and then we would get out and play the rest of the day.  It is true, work expands to fill the available time, I managed to cram an awful lot of work into those 2 hour segments each day.  We also had some really fun one on one time that doesn’t usually happen any more and I enjoyed that.

While I would love to say that I pulled the whole thing off effortlessly, I must be honest and some parts went smoother than others.  I had to drop some keys off for a client and it took me SEVEN times of leaving the house without the keys and having to go back before I actually took the keys and got them dropped off.  Then I took Ryan with me to an appointment with a buyer and forgot to put his shoes on so there I sat trying to look as professional as I could while my child, with no shoes, proceeded to fall asleep and drool all over the chair!  I SO appreciate my clients with a sense of humor.   So there you go, another spastic week at our house and I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

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