I Did It! I Ran For The First Time In 3+ Years!

Maybe it was more of a jog than a run and probably more of a bouncy walk than a jog in some places, but I got out there and I did it.  I LOVE to run, but after having Ryan and then a foot surgery I have been nervous about overdoing it on my foot. I still walk a lot, but it just is not the same as running.  Running is almost like meditation for me.  It is my time, without interruptions, to clear my head and let myself breathe.

I have been noticing that I have been really neurotic lately, just really jumpy and anxious about things.  Then I was chatting with fellow ninja mom, Coco Jensen (see the latest mom of the month post) about running the Rock and Roll 1/2 marathon here in Seattle next year.  I figured what the heck, and I registered for it.  So I have between now and next June to get myself up to running 13.1 miles at a time.  And I am posting it every where I can think of.  Nothing like a little pressure and accountability!   Now I have my first run under my belt and I can say that I am officially in training.

What I have noticed, though, is that even more than the running, it is having something new, positive and different to focus on that has allowed me to let go of some of the stress that I have been carrying around.  It’s like when you take those first parenting classes and they tell you that redirection is the best way to get your baby to stop doing whatever it is that they are not supposed to do.  Rather than continuing to focus on the thing that is bugging you, redirect your energy to something else and chances are the fist issue will work itself out.

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