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It’s official, the blog is now up and running!

What is a Ninja Mom, you may be asking yourself?  If you are a working Mom, and let’s be real, we are all working Moms, then you are a Ninja Mom.  You may not feel like one right now, but trust me, YOU ARE!

So who am I and what is this thing all about? I am a Real Estate agent in Kirkland Washington which is just outside of Seattle, and am married to my wonderful husband, Gary.  We have two boys.  Alex is 4 and Ryan is 20 months.   Admittedly some days I am on it when it comes to working, being a mom, spouse, etc, but some days it can be a bit much.  What I have found, though, is that in reaching out to girlfriends, we all have the same struggles.  I have spoken with many Ninja Moms all across the country and the overwhelming response was that yes, we all wanted a way to connect with other Moms to find out how they do it, brainstorm ideas and just keep each other on track.  It is easy to feel like there is so much going on that we don’t have time to excel in our careers, or be the parent we want to be or spend time with our husbands.  Oh and did I mention that you also need to take time for yourself?  It’s critical!  Okay, stop laughing now.

The intention of this blog is to create a forum where we can share ideas on what is working and find solutions when we are stuck on something.  My thought is that I would never wish a struggle on someone else, but it is nice to know that others have them too and that I am not unique.  So that being said, if we all struggle at times, what is it that makes some people succeed and others give up along the way?  There are many things I am sure, but one of the biggest is having a place to reach out to, to get back on track.  Getting off track is inevitable, the successful people are able to realize it sooner than later and do something about it.  Hmm, I am sensing another blog entry coming out of that last statement.

Accomplishing career goals gets completely redefined once you have children.  The amount of time you have to focus on your career becomes limited and it is easy to give up and think that you need to let that part of your life go.  This blog is about not letting those goals go.  For me and for a lot of people it is still important to us to accomplish things in our careers so how do we still do that given our new parameters?

But before going on to other topics, there are some rules to the game for this blog and they are as follows:

Keep it positive when you come to the blog and come looking for solutions to your challenges.

Wishing you much success!

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