Preview, Preview, Preview

As a Real Estate agent I sell homes for a living, so of course knowing the inventory is vital to my ability to do that and do it well. That being said, there are large chunks of time in my career where I never previewed.  For anyone reading this that might not be in Real Estate and hip to all of the jargon, previewing is going out to view properties without a client in the car with you.  You might be out looking at properties with a specific client in mind, or just visiting homes that are on the market in an area that you want to know more about.

Admittedly, when the market was moving so fast there wasn’t time to preview.  Homes were off the market in a matter of days if not hours.  Also, I was working with enough clients that I was in homes on a regular basis and figured that would suffice.  However with the change in the market and things being a bit slower there are times when I might go for a few weeks without being inside of a house.  While attending a class earlier this year the instructor stressed the importance of knowing the inventory and being out and seeing what is available.  For whatever reason that sunk in and I have made it may commitment to preview at least 10 properties each week ever since.  It has made such a huge difference!    Sometimes I have a client that is on the fence as to weather or not they should buy or sell and I will preview relevant properties for them so that I will be that much more knowledgeable when we chat.  Other times I am just previewing aimlessly, but even that has been helpful.  There are times when I have finished previewing and been astounded at the fantastic values that are currently available in the market which makes me that much more excited the next time I talk to a buyer client.

No matter what it boosts your confidence and comes in handy when you get those random calls from a client about a real questions that they might have.  For a long time I resisted it because it was yet another thing to add to the schedule, but it is amazing how easy it is to actually fit it in.  If I am going to an inspection I might pull some homes surrounding the house I am going to and pop into the other listing on my way, or I’ll pull up a string of vacant properties so that I don’t have to deal with making appointments with the Sellers.  Either way, it is easier to fit in than you think and may have a surprising impact on your business so give it a shot.

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