The Best Stress Management Tool Ever ~ Say THANK YOU!

Several of my recent posts have been about overwhelm and having too much to do on our plates.

Everything in our life is not really about the situation, but how we react to it.  It is our reaction that stresses us out.  There are an infinite number of ways to deal with your reaction but the best one I ever heard came from talking with my friend Erin today.  We were checking in with each other to see how business is going and Erin commented that she is slammed with work and all she can think is, Thank  You.  Thank you for the business and the chance to bring in some money.

That’s it! Thank you!  Not ~ oh sh*t, how am I ever going to get this done and I can’t believe that I have to do this or that or what ever.  Just thank you.

Take a minute right now to relax and say thank you.  Yes, your plate is full and yes you have alot going on, say thank you.  The business means that many wonderful things are on their way to you.  Say thank you even for the things that don’t look so exciting or perfect right now.  Sometimes we need those too, in order to realize what we need to change or it gives us the motivation to find a new approach. Know that a solution is on it’s way and for that you can say… Thank You.

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