It’s January, How You Are Going To Show Up This Year?

January is such a fantastic month.  It’s the start of a new year, fresh with infinite possibilities for the months ahead.  You get to choose how this next year will play out for you and the actions that you take in the next 60 days will determine how your entire year will go.

I had an inspiring conversation with my friend Jeanne, the other day and she was talking about a surprise business opportunity that came up for her and in a split second she had to decide how she wanted to ‘show up’.  Did she want to be shy and unsure or confident and excited?  She chose to go for it and it has resulted in some amazing opportunities for her.

I have been thinking about that conversation every day since and how I am showing up in everything that I do.  I realized that with this blog and the Ninja Moms I have not been showing up the way that I want.  I love writing this blog, teaching classes and making connections with other amazing people.  It feeds my soul in so many ways.

So if that is true, why am I not fully showing up?  I am excited to turn this blog into so much more.   I truly believe that we can be the sassy, successful and sexy business women that we set out to be and I am committed to helping you get there.  However, I got it in my head that I am in learning mode, which means that I am not taking the big leaps to make this more.  More fun, more relevant and more impactful.

That changes here and now.  I am showing up in a big way this year.

So stay tuned, it is going to be an amazing year.  I have been working on some exciting changes for the Ninja Mom’s blog that quite honestly I have been afraid to implement.  I am now deciding not to be afraid.  This is my go big or go home year and while I love my home, going big sounds like so much more fun.

Thanks so much for coming along for the ride.

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