It’s Not What Happens, But How You React To It

Ryan stole candy from the grocery store last night.  URGH!!!  We got home and all of a sudden he whips out this piece of chocolate that I know we did not pay for.

It happened, I can’t change that, but I can control what happens from here.  We made him take money out of his piggy bank and go back to the store this morning with the empty candy wrapper to pay for it.  I’d love to tell you that it was a profound moment in his life, but in all honesty at 4 years old, Ryan doesn’t exactly have a lot of expenses so shelling out 50 cents for candy isn’t really cramping his style, and in the back of his mind I’m sure that he’s thinking ~ “I got to eat the candy so what’s the big deal?”.  Oh well, I can’t control that part either I suppose.

So in between being frustrated with Ryan and actually thinking the whole thing was pretty funny I realized how many times stuff like this comes up in business.

How many times have you been working with a client and something happens that is totally outside of your control?  Often times we worry that our clients will be mad at us because of the event.  Step back, take a deep breathe and realize that this is your time to shine.  The event is irrelevant.  It’s how you react to it that will make or break the sale and the relationship.

So refocus on where you are going and keep moving forward.  That is what your clients will remember and love you for.

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