Taking The Leap ~ The Secret To Lift Off

I remember watching Alex, our oldest, learning to jump. First of all it never occurred to me that learning to jump and learning to walk are two different things. It seems natural that if you can do one you can do the other. Not so apparently.

Alex spent a few weeks standing in one spot just trying to get airborne. Seriously on of the cutest things ever to witness as a parent with his intense concentration. Eventually he got it though, and within a week it was an unconsious act.

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Watching Alex learn to jump made me realize all of the things in our life that are seemingly impossible at first and yet with a small amount of determination quickly become a non issue.

The difference between children and adults is that as a child, you know that it’s normal to struggle in the beginning. It’s part of the process. Struggling does not mean you should give up. It just means you try a different way.

As an adults, we often forget that struggling in the beginning can be a natural part of the process. As soon as we struggle we assume something is wrong, or it wasn’t meant to be. Success is often closer than you think.

Not only that, but if you keep trying you will be amazed one day to look back and realize that what was once so difficult is now a basic part of who you are.

Don’t give up. It’s all about taking the leap. The net will be there and you are closer than you think.

To your success!


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