Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

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Making decisions is part of every day life. We make hundreds of decisions a day, so we should be experts at it. Yet there are some decisions that we get hung up on, that drain our time and energy.

I have the opportunity to attend a training event in the next few weeks and had decided not to go. It will be a great event, but it didn’t feel like the right fit for me and I know that my time will be better spent working on my business here at home. I was fine with my decision until I got a few calls and emails from friends asking if I was going and saying that they were looking forward to meeting up while they were there.

Urgh! The thought of spending a few days with great friends and fantastic business people put me into a 2 week tail spin of indecision. I have spent the last 2 weeks agonizing over should I go or should I not.

Ultimately I decided to stick with my original decision and not go, but what I realized is the amount of time and energy I spent on waffling back and forth and not making a decision. It was honestly ridiculous.

I realized that we all do this. We all have decisions that we are procrastinating on for one reason or another. 99% of the time you already know what the right decision is, you are just delaying taking action on it.

The amount of time and energy wasted is crazy.

So make the commitment to free up some brain space. Pick something right now that you have been trying to make a decision on and make your decision in the next 30 seconds.

You will be amazed at how much lighter and freer you will feel once you are not weighed down by indecision.

To your success!


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