Exciting Announcements Coming Soon!

We had a fantastic time at the retreat on Monday and Tuesday. Here is a picture of all of us in the garden of the gorgeous Willows Lodge.  The sun even came out on Monday and we were able to eat outside to enjoy it.  There is something about spending time in such a wonderful environment that really gets you motivated.  After all, one of the benefits of doubling your income in less time is that you can take vacations and spend time in places like this. I realize that may not be a motivator for everyone but it definitely is for me!  Regardless of what motivates you, there are always reasons to invest in yourself and your business. It may be to make more money, to do so with less stress, or to just figure out how to be better at it so that you can have more time off.Whatever your motivator is, the one main ‘aha’ that agents got from the retreat and that you can use in your business today is:Start where you are and commit to working on your business a little bit every day. Don’t worry about where you are in comparison to others. Just get clear on where you are and where you want to go…and then focus on moving forward each day.  One of the mantras in our house that even our boys have known since the time they could walk is ‘Forward Motion Every Day’. (Yes, I grew up in a military family. My Dad was in the Air Force.  Can your tell?)  It applies in every area of life though.  Whether it’s a big step or a small one, it’s about moving forward each day.  How do you do this?At the beginning of each day ask yourself:  What 3 things can I do today to move myself forward in my business?

It might be writing note cards, previewing a new neighborhood or calling 3 past clients to reconnect.  There are many different things that fall into this category.  The important part is that they are proactive, not reactive, activities.I know that there were many of you who wanted to attend the retreat this week but couldn’t for one reason or another.  Stay tuned!  We will have some exciting announcements in the next week or two about workshops this fall and a super affordable opportunity to get some monthly coaching from me.To Your Success!


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