No More Boxes! Create Your Business Your Way!

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When I first started in real estate, I took all of the classes about how you should present yourself, how to read clients and how to overcome objections. I would go to the classes, take diligent notes and then try out my new fancy skills on my clients. But none of it worked!

What I finally realized is that it didn’t work because none of the classes took into account WHO I was. It was all about trying to conform to other people and ‘close’ the sale. As a result, I would show up really stiff and awkward and wasn’t connecting with people.

Finally, after a few years of struggling, my coach told me to throw all of that stuff out of the window and just show up as me. You know what?  It worked!!! I tripled my business that year because, by showing up as me, I was able to connect better with my clients and truly help them rather than trying to figure out which closing technique to use. (I know, it sounds cheesy and I’m not proud of it, but that was what I thought it was all about in the beginning.)

As I teach more classes and coach more agents, I see many agents struggling with this same thing.  They are trying to be someone they are not, getting lousy results and feeling unmotivated in their business.

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