Managing Your Crazy Calendar To Make Space For Business

boys walking to schoolWow! Is it just me, or is your calendar filling up like crazy?

The boys are back in school, which means homework, sports and social events galore. On top of that it’s event season for charity auctions and business workshops. Oh, and the holidays will start in a few weeks.

How do you get it all on the calendar and still leave time for business?

The first trick is to – shift your mindset. Rather than looking at these things as events that takes you away from your business, realize that they are actually part of it. You are in contact with more people than you could ever imagine. The question is, are you ready to do something with all of these contacts?

Are you going to be the agent who shows up, has fun and effortlessly generates business?


Will you be the agent who is frantically running from one thing to the next, worn out and tired, with nothing to show for it?

If you chose option A, but are not sure how to do it, here are a few tips to get you there:

  • Only say yes to the things you want to do. I have found that being super busy is invigorating, as long as I am excited about what I’m doing. Once I start saying yes to things out of obligation it gets overwhelming, and I get cranky.
  • Keep your space clear. Physical clutter affects mental clutter. Keep the space around you clear and open. Pick one day a week and commit to getting rid of at least 3 things you don’t want, need or use.
  • Get present. Stress usually comes from focusing on too many things at the same time. Take a deep breath and focus on the task at hand. It will make it easier to connect with those around you and see the opportunities right in front of you.
  • When you are at an event don’t talk business. You can always set up time for coffee later.
  • Follow up with everyone you see with either a text, email, social media note or a handwritten note to say that it was great to see them.
  • Listen for change.

When you shift how you show up and interact you will find that things get a lot more fun and clients seem to magically appear. Having a busy calendar can actually save you time because you are seeing so many people and not having to find other ways to prospect.

To your success!


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